{Your Questions} I'm in a Stalled Relationship and Want Out. Help!

Q: I've been with the same guy for years, but it's not going anywhere. We live together, but I can't really see us together forever. I have to believe there's someone better for me out there, but I'm honestly too comfortable to make drastic moves. Not to mention, I do love him. HELP Big Sis, I'm so confused!!!    ...more

Sisterly Advice: Do you Have a Hovering Ex? Time to shoo them away.

{Hi Ladies - From all the emails I've gotten on this subject lately, thought this could help ♥}Hovering Exes are normally someone who breaks up with you, but won't make a clean break entirely (still texts, explains his constant presence by saying "your friends" (YUCK), posts on your wall, you know the drill...)...more

It's time for a new office...

I'm constantly getting restless with my surroundings. Thinking it's time for a new office...starting with this little inspiration? ...more
I want my office to look like that!more

Sisterly Advice on LIFE: Live what you love (only if you don't suck at it)

(Photo Courtesy of hijirik via Etsy) I've been pretty lucky in my career (so far), and often get asked what did I do different than others to get where I'm at.  Which is silly because I'm never satisfied, and surely not s...more

Style Inspiration.

Note to You Little SisterSomething so beautiful is sometimes worth the pain....more
I know! Want them so badly, but something tells me they're out of my price range - ha! more

"You Need to Meet my Friend": Dealing with the Hilarious Unsolicited Advances of the Opposite Sex.

Earlier this week I made my way out on the town (on a “school night” nonetheless), with some of the city’s best and brightest up-and-comers in the business world. With cocktails in hand and grouped around the table at a chic SoCal hotel, we were committed to ignoring the nagging impulse to run back to the office and just enjoy one anothers company. A little gossip, a little drinking, and alot of inspiring talk about the future. …but then, the vultures appeared....more

Here One Day, Gone the Next: Why do men disappear and how do you stop it?

Q: Hey Note to you Lil Sister! I have a question I've always wanted answered, and of course it has to do with men and relationships. Why do men act like they're interested one week and then disappear. How can I get a guy to be interested in me and stay that way? Any advice on how to attract a guy that really works?...more

Thinking about Friending that new guy? Think twice before you click accept, you might not like what you see

   //Sisterly Advice: Your Questions Answered//  ...more

Whatsyourprice.com: The New Face of Prostitution or a Pretty Good Idea?

Whatsyourprice.com: The New Face of Prostitution or a Pretty Good Idea?     Brand new website promises to hook up The Generous and The Beautiful on first dates....more

Cheaters Beware! New website set to air all your secrets...

.....OHHHH and it's so deliciously horrible. Like a freaking car crash, you can't turn away from. Literally a site dedicated to tattooing a modern day cyber "scarlet letter" on people for being super whores. CheaterVille.com hits HARD by posting the names, height, weight, cities, and other personal info about alleged cheaters. Creepy and stalkerish to say the least...not to mention, who takes time to actually do this?...more