Remember that Time We Were In A Wedding...

So this is one of those blog posts that is really more about the long term record keeping/photographic evidence of our life rather than like, up to the minute, humor fill stories....more

#MicroblogMonday: Positive Reinforcement (for me)

I am thinking about buying myself a tiara so that on days that I work AND cook a good dinner I can wear it around my house as a reward to show how I am winning at being a grown-up....more

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

So I feel like I am dropping the ball on blogging lately....more

First Kindergarten Field Trip: The Apple Orchard

So a couple of weeks ago we got a letter sent home that said it was time for the very first Kindergarten field trip. I thought back to my days in kindergarten and recalled going on exactly ONE field trip (FARM!), so I thought "I MUST CHAPERONE!...more

Questioning Reality on #Microblog Monday

Yesterday Henry was sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast when all of a sudden he looks up at me and says "Mama, did you know this is all just a dream?" And I say "What?? Like everything around us right now?" And he said, "Yep. You are just dreaming."...more

Game Ball and Other Ramblings

So I just realized I haven't posted since Tuesday... unacceptable....more

Bring On the Flannel

This past weekend the temperature surprisingly dropped into the extremely fall like range....more

In Breaking #MicroBlogMondays News: Henry is Adorable

Not sure what Micro Blog Monday is? Click here to find out! My handsome boy showing off his question mark Dum Dum sucker which came out half red, half blue....more

So How Long Does This Last?

Guys, it's mid September and this early morning school thing is really starting to wear me out....more

Other Things... Mainly All T-Ball All the Time

Let's talk about other things...So when Nick and I started talking about a fall sport for Henry I said I figured he would play soccer again....more