Doing All the Things...

So yeah. Life is sorta overwhelming at the moment.Remember when I said tball was going great and not really that stressful this year?...more

Game Ball

We are seriously loving our tball team this spring....more

Easter at the Farm

So Easter happened!...more

National Sibling Day

Today is National Sibling Day....more

Rain Delay

Last night was the first game of our tball season. Alas, it started raining right before the start of the game and even though they tried to play through it, they ended up having to call the game in the bottom of the first....more

This Boy.

I have a ton of great pictures to share from our Easter, but they are mostly at home on my real computer. For now I just want to show you this one, which is my favorite picture of Henry taken in a long time. Seriously kiddo, you own my heart ....more

Kindergarten Arts Night

Last week Henry's school held Kindergarten Arts Night, where parents and family members could come see what the kids do in their Music, Art, and Library classes....more


Henry had tball practice yesterday and we were in short sleeves....more

Happy Birthday, Husband!

Yesterday morning I told Nick "Happy last day of being 34!" He looked at me for a second and said "I am 33..." Oh. Right. I am not great with keeping track of ages.. ....more

DC in Pictures

I don't have a lot of time to write a thoughtful post on my trip to DC, but I wanted to get these pictures up as I am heading toward my own one week blogging deadline about life events....more