Korean BBQ Options for Thanksgiving – NJ

Once again this year, my fam is going turkey-less. Why? All of a sudden, there’s too many pescatarians in the family making it impractical to roast a giant turkey ....more

Soup Dumplings (YES!) at The Bao – NYC

Hello friends! It’s been a while, but no fear, you were not forgotten. I hope I haven’t been as well ....more

Fall into Snowdays – NYC

All of a sudden, there’s a chill in the air, the leaves are turning a bronzish hue, and we’re wearing a lot more clothes than we were a month ago, but EFF ALL THAT! Eat shaved ice at Snowdays Shavery! Or more specifically, snow cream ....more

Curry Noodles at Gold River Malaysian – NYC

There’s no meat in the Curry Mee With Young Tau Foo ($7.25) from Gold River Malaysian, but there’s no lack of flavor. Egg noodles swimming in a creamy lemongrass coconut curry soup with vegetable and fishcake stuffed tofu would be enough, but it’s also topped with a vegetable fishcake slice fried to golden, crunchy perfection. [...] ...more

Luxardo Cherry Road at Morgenstern’s – NYC

I’ve been telling everyone so it seemed fitting I tell you guys also. I love Morgenstern’s. The ice cream at this old-timey ice cream parlor is made Philly-style, without any eggs, but there’s no lack of indulgence or creativity ....more

Lunch at A-Wah II – NYC

There’s lots of love for A-Wah here on this blog, but did you know there’s a A-Wah II? A few months ago, A-Wah II opened in the old Yummy Noodles location on Bowery, and unlike the original A-Wah, it’s bright and spacious with lots of seating. But most importantly, is it as delicious? ...more

Brunch at La Palapa – NYC

One weekend, I’d like to wake up and have a hot plate of fresh steaming tamales bursting with saucy chicken mole in the East Village. Unfortunately, that day’ll probably never come, but until then you have places like La Palapa… where you can order Pan Frances Estilo Torrejas ($10), Mexican-style French toast made with bolillo [...] ...more

Brisket at Big Apple Barbecue – NYC

Ever been to the Big Apple Barbecue? In its 12 years, this year was my first. Mostly because I’m too grumpy for lines, but I must say, it wasn’t so bad ....more

Surf Trip with the Girls – Barbados

Recently, I went on a girls’ trip to Barbados. Now that I’m single, I feel I’m expected to do things like that. You know, be social and talk openly about my feelings ....more

Roast Meats at Big Hing Wong – NYC

It’s with some sadness I discovered my favorite Chinese roast pig over rice restaurant, Lucky Plaza, recently closed. Looking for a replacement, I popped into Big Hing Wong, another Cantonese-style roast meat restaurant nearby. I ordered the roast pig and duck over rice ($5.25), and the duck was pretty good and the roast pig, while [...] ...more