Imagine if You Can

Imagine if you can, some of you don’t have to imagine, the first ribbons of sunshine making their way through your bedroom window. You, roll over and look at the clock, there’s no more time, you have to get out of bed and face another day of fear and uncertainty. Slowly sitting up, wiping the dried tears of the night before from your eyes, dread and oppression fill your body ....more

Soul Piercing Anquish

It's that feeling, deep in the heart of your soul, that screams what, to you, are lies.It's heart piercing at the very least and spirit breaking and disillusionment at it's worst. You're the happiest you've ever been, ever, the bubbling over with joy kind of happy, yet at the same time an aspect of that joy is so painful, and hurtful, that you're not so sure you can make it another month, another week, another day without relief.There are those of you out there arrogant enough to believe I'm speaking of you, and relish in the deepness of hurt I am now experiencing. That is your prerogative, you have no idea...more

The Biker Diva Opening Theme - Found a Better Way

This is is the beginning of what we've been working on! Hammerz Down is the band, and Dave Kennedy wrote the theme song for our new TV Series, The Biker Diva.....I found a Better Way!...more

Oh, How Life Has Changed

Yes, with life changes new ways of doing things come along.I've learned to wash clothes.I've learned to wash dishes.I can write again.I live out in the country.I've learned to make coffee...haha, with a Keurig and I get to drink it from my grandmother's cups. They're around 50 years old and so very cool!Life is good. © 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 All rights reserved ....more

Well, Yeah, I Told You

So close, so very close!We shot more footage today and I think it's going to be perfect! More next weekend, and then, excitement!!I said I'd post a few pics of our shoot on the coast. Here are some! ...more


It seems as if we've been moving for weeks. Boxes are everywhere, problems are always cropping up, and my body feels every day of it's 52 years on this Earth. I know I need to stay focused, if I lose it, I'll crash for a week or two, and that cannot happen now ....more


I've been unpacking boxes at the new house, beginning my new life. Last night I came across things that transported me back to the time when my children were itty-bitties.There where head shots of when they modeled, a baggy of one of my boys hair from when I cut his pony tail (the hair tie still holds it together), I'm thinking it's Cole's hair, Michael's tap shoes, and his little slippers, the news paper from the day my oldest daughter was born, and a newspaper article of me when I was two. My glasses fogged as my eyes filled with memory packed tears ....more

Don't Say Tomorrow

It was an urge, a heavy tugging in my spirit, that caused me to pick up the phone today and make a call I had been meaning to make, but with the rockiness of my road of late, I kept telling myself, "tomorrow."As I held the gold iPhone in my hand, memories, wonderful memories, played in the theater of my mind. Remembrances of a meeting, too long in the making, made me laugh, cry, rejoice, and thank my Creator for His graciousness in allowing me to meet my aunt Joan. They made me smile with gratitude and appreciation....more

The Reason For My Absence Revealed

Hey guys, short explanation here. I've been gone for a bit, which you know. I've received many emails asking why my posting has been few and far between.I won't go into vivid detail about what's happening, but I will answer some of the questions I've been asked.Early last year I moved from my house into an apartment, and this July, after 26 years of marriage, I filed for divorce ....more

Please Consider

Please everyone, check out this site to help someone with much needed medical expenses. With insurance the way it is now and the problems with the economy, he needs our help. Please share with your friends and on your fan pages....more