Not on

Overwhelmed at the end of my rope under a black cloud-- beyond my capacity beneath my ability between a rock and a hard place (Back) against the wall (facing) into the wind upon my knees, hoping. Behind the curve around the bend beyond my means beside myself Without a clue about to crack at the end of my rope at wit's end after a fashion. In too deep inside my head instead of on-- on top of on my game on time on a tear-- off my rocker, off, not on. ...more

Franklin Park Zoo

The Franklin Park Zoo in Boston is not a world-class zoo. But it's not depressing, either, and it's just the right size for getting an eyeful without becoming exhausted. And, they have two kinds of zebras, Grevy's Zebras and Plains Zebras, as well as giraffes (and baby giraffes!), gorillas (and baby gorillas!), lions, tigers, leopards, camels, and more. ...more

Seventeen years later

Seventeen years ago next week, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, two weeks before my birthday. I don't recall what stage the cancer was when the biopsy came back, but I believe it was mid stage 3-- they'd missed it despite frequent biopsies, because it was up against the chest wall, hard to find with the hands, and hard to find with mammograms not only because of the position of the tumor, but also because of our female family small-breastedness. There's just less to grab and photograph. ...more

Infinite Compassion

I in no way pretend to be a practicing Buddhist, or even well-versed in Buddhist principles. But I am very fond of the writings of Thich Naht Hanh, and I also like what Jack Kornfield has to say. I started reading and exploring Buddhism after starting to attend Quaker meetings-- many of the people who spoke at the end of silent portion of meeting talked about Buddhist principles and the intersection with Christian and Humanist principles as a guide to action. ...more