Mental Illness Update - bipolar

Well as of today, I am still struggling to find the right medicine to make me happy.  I still feel the depression, I still feel the lows, no motivation, the lack of desire to care for myself and hygiene.  I wake up daily still wondering what is the point, but I know there is deep down inside.  My medicine has been changed again and while its only been two weeks, my patience for it to work is straining.  I still hear the voices telling me to do bad things.  I am not suicidal but being depressed as I am feels like suicide.  I do hope for treatment soon....more
Hi there..I am sorry to read that you are feeling this way.  I too was diagnosed with bi-polar ...more

About Bipolar Militarywyf

I don't know if my road has a story. I don't know what my road to recovery will be like. Everyday for now is the same with occasional manic episodes. I have always felt different from people I grew up with. I was not a fighter, I was promiscuous and had my eye on the wrong guys as early as I can remember. Sex was my drug. I have never used tobacco or abused drugs. I am now 39 years old feeling like there is a demon in my head trying to get me to do bad things daily to myself. I relate to the song "Happy" one day and "The Monster" most other days. ...more

Why read this bipolar blog?

Bipolar Military Wife is a blog about my daily struggle concerning mental health. The purpose of this blog is to focus on issues of my mental health disorder, the overall experience, the lessons I have learned, and to gain some perspective. It is my daily battle tied into the life of a person with a disorder....more

the life of a bipolar military wife

First let me start off by apologizing for any grammatical errors. While I have intentions of returning to school to correct this, anyone suffering with depression will tell you, they are lucky if they have the desire to climb out of bed.  I have struggled for years with this issue and had no understanding of why.  I would go through boughts of crying in junion high, anger issues, thoughts of wanting to kill myself but never knew there was a reason.  I have always felt fat, ugly, damaged from my issues.  I now know the reasons behind my issues, BIPOLAR & ADHD....more
bipolar_militarywyf Good Morning! If you are like me, you will be disappointed that medications ...more