The Car Seat Blog! (important car seat safety tips that every parent needs to know)

My friend Emma is a Child Passenger Safety Technician which is fancy-talk for saying that she is certified in installing car seats correctly and safely into vehicles. In our circle of friends she's known as the Car Seat Goddess. What this means in application is that she is approached, a lot, with car seat questions. ...more

Weiner's weiner

I tweeted and facebook posted the following thought last night and I have to say, I woke up this morning feeling even more like it's true:There are way, way, way worse things politicians in Washington are doing right this minute than tweeting their dongs to people.And there are, right?...more

I like your point about men's reactions: my husband's reacting the exact same way. He's ...more

my photography "job"

Recently I've taken the plunge. I started my photography business!And honestly? It's going really, really well so far!After years of having an entrapraneual spirit but no real success with my endeavors, it's been nice to have something take off in the way that my photography business seems to be. And the surprising thing? I didn't even intend to make photography a business (isn't it always the case with things like this? You try and try in one aspect of life and then it just falls in your lap with something that you least expect it to)....more

New to BlogHer

I've never done this blogging thing at BlogHer before. I've always done it through third-party hosting sites such as Blogger or ye olde faithful someone who has been blogging in one form or another since 2001, i feel strangely ill-equiped to be writing this post. I don't know where it's going to go when I hit submit, i doubt that anyone will ever read it and I'm confused as to what I shoudl be writing about. Not "normal" feelings for a seasoned veteran blogger like's good to feel humbled and anxious sometimes; it's how we grow....more

Thanks so much for the comment Denise!! more