A Teenage Boy's Perspective on What Makes a Good Gift

 Every year it's the same thing: The brief and unwavering reply to almost everyone who asks what I want for Christmas is, "Money." Asking for money is the easiest way to guarantee teenagers will get something they like, but what does that tell the family members or friends who are asking them? ...more

This Holiday Visit a New City

The weather outside is turning frightful, so it’s time to start thinking about heading somewhere warmer, or at least somewhere more interesting, for the holiday season. While sitting around the fire at home can be an awesome experience, it’s also a good time to check a destination or two off your travel bucket list. Here are just a few of our favorites:...more

Wanderlust Wednesday. Corn Islands.

Wanderlust Wednesday. Corn Islands.Big Corn and Little Corn make up this small island cluster nestled east of the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua.Photo credit: travel.nytimes.com...more

Birdytell's Favorite Back to School Gear for 2014.

As summer break comes to a screeching halt, it's time to hone in on the best options for back to school gear. We took on the massive undertaking of sorting through the retail madness, so you don't have to waste a precious minute of valuable vacation time. Rest assured, we value awesomeness over deep pockets, so nothing on this list is sponsored.We included items for the youngest students all the way up to the seasoned college crew. There is a lot to love out there, but this list is concise to maximize your leisure time....more