Extraordinary Prenatal Care

I am receiving good prenatal care. But I am also receiving extraordinary prenatal care. My midwives have sat with me and listened to my hopes and dreams and fears about this birth. They know how close I am to my parents and my siblings and my grandparents. They know how difficult it is for me to see my grandfather, who suffered a severe stroke just two weeks ago, so sick and frail and vulnerable, caught in between life and death for the time being. And so one of my midwives has checked in on me every single day since my grandfather’s stroke. To see how he’s doing. To see how I’m doing. ...more
I love my doctor and midwife, they are great and make me feel at ease. It is so wonderful that ...more

On Being Pink and Blue and Feminine and Masculine and Strong and Sensitive

What does it mean to be masculine?  To be feminine?  What do my children associate with girls and boys and men and women and masculinity and femininity?  What traits to they see reflected in me?  In their father?  In themselves? I thought about these questions (and then some) when I read Fertile Feminism’s recent piece on “Gender According to Teens.”  She writes:...more

Healthy and Convenient Eating for the Breastfeeding Mama

Many nursing mothers are surprised (sometimes pleasantly so) to discover that they need the same or even more calories per day than they did during their pregnancy. (Besides the health and bonding benefits for me and my baby, this is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE THINGS about breastfeeding!  What can I say?  I love food!) In fact, in an article on Kellymom, IBCLC Kelly Bonyata explains that:...more

Doula are for Women Who Want Epidurals

One common misconception about doulas is that they are only for women who plan on having a drug-free (or “natural” or unmedicated) childbirth. This is simply not true! Doulas are for all women, even those who are think that they might want to use epidural medication during labor....more

Spontaneity Was, and Is

Before having children, spontaneity was something that Tim and I innocently, unknowingly squandered. There were times when we would step out on a Sunday morning to enjoy, even savor cups of coffee.  Sometimes even while enjoying, even savoring a book or newspaper.  Like this....more

Lovely post. It's great to see a couple that still keeps the excitement alive, even with the ...more

"Good" Mothering Choices Can Be "Good" Feminist Choices Too

I recently came across the following headline on The Guardian’s website: “French philosopher says feminism under threat from ‘good motherhood.’” Is this the sort of headline that sucks you in and keeps you riveted? Yes?  No? You mean you don’t give a rat’s ass about what some French philosopher has to say about feminism and motherhood? Well, it’s the sort of headline that has an attention-grabbing effect on me, the feminist mother who is a graduate student studying philosophy....more