~Crescent Enchiladas!


~Coffee Cake Cookies!

Once again I present to you a sweet treat born out of weakness and dedicated to my selfishness!  I’m not saying that I blame my parents, but ..errr, eh, hmmm!  ...more

~Potato Chip Au Gratin! TOP CHEF Recap & Recipe Inspiration!

Yikes, last week’s TOP CHEF episode had me a nervous wreck!  The Quickfire Challenge was a lesson in knife quality as well as knife skills…two things I know little to nothing about, but wow, did I learn fast! ...more

~French Toast Monkey Bread!

Do you hate standing over the stove flipping French Toast like a short order cook?  Do you hate the idea that in order for everyone to enjoy their French Toast breakfast at the same time..it means that someone (most likely YOU) is going to get an ice cold stack of French Toast?! ...more

~Bacon Brittle!

Move on over Peanuts..Bacon is in the house! ...more

~’Popcorn’ Oysters! Top Chef Recap & Recipe Inspiration!

Sooo, until last week’s episode of TOP CHEF, many, many different things would’ve come to mind upon hearing the term “Nature’s Candy”!  Some of them I could share with you here..some, not so much..LOL! ...more

~Chocolate Chip Cookie S’Mores!

This is one of those rare moments where a treat has left me utterly speechless!  Luckily this recipe/method speaks for itself, because I have no real words..just moans and whimpers of happiness! ...more

~Peppered Bacon Breadtwirls!