Stick a Fork in Me.. cuz I'm DONE

Today, I decide to live in the moment. Tomorrow, I may change my mind.Today, I decide to screw loneliness.Tomorrow, I may decide independence sucks.Today, I am a determined sack of emotionless courage. Tomorrow, I may be a whirlwind of emotions lost in the abyss of "he's just not that into you."Today, I am putting my foot down for men who don't find me worthy of their attention.Tomorrow, I may be devoid of life or energy and settle. ...more


Contrary to your initial reaction to what a man-diet is NOT consuming beer, beef and potatoes as you slowly morph into a fried version of the latter in front of the tube. Instead, it's a diet where man is your food and you must avoid consuming it! Brilliant I tell you! ...more

Oh, I have been here. A realy fine piece of writing, and funny as ...more