Work-Life Out of Balance? Try Flow Instead

Work life balance is a myth for many people. Sixty percent of executives report working at least 50 hours per week. That doesn't include the additional time they spend thinking about work. Ten percent work more than 80 hours per week. This situation is even more intense for 92% of working women who go home after a full day of work and manage household and family responsibilities. So how do we cope? The answer is flow, but flow is better than mere coping. It's about enjoying and finding meaning in what we and doing what we enjoy and find meaningful. Flow refuels us. ...more

Relief for Working Moms' Guilt

Are you a Mom and a Professional? Do you suffer guilt over not being a better Mom? ...more

Upcoming teleclinic on creating marketing strategies that integrate social media

Deb Murphy of Masterful Marketing has been enormously helpful to me in learning how to use social networking media to market my business.  She is leading a teleclinic, sponsored by NAWBO (Nat'l Assoc of Women Biz Owners) that teaches business folks how to integrate social networks into their marketing strategy.  Click to read more about this teleclinic. If you google yourself and nothing comes up do you exist? ...more

Those Piles of Dirty Clothes Kids Leave Around the House

Dear J - I am so deeply sorry that I have not understood about the piles of clothes you've been leaving around the house all these years. ...more