6 Tips for Online Dating

Yes, I know, this isn't a dating blog. ...more

First Week of School - Wrap Up

This first week of school, everyone has done wonderfully. ...more

Random Thoughts on Suicide and our Love for Robin Williams

I know that no one wants to think badly of Robin Williams for killing himself. ...more

Here's what's wrong with this world -a rant

I should just stop reading the news and reading Facebook posts because it just makes me sad and mad. This morning I first read about a mother of a 24 year old guy with Fragile X who spent some time at a baseball social event, for a team where he serves as "manager" (an honorary position, and I should probably also put honorary in quotes here, because it's not really given in an effort to honor. ...more

Fighting Tooth and Nail!

We need nail trimming and tooth brushing tips and advice. I've had miles of advice throughout the years. ...more

Fragile X Syndrome - The Great Divider

A friend recently said something about how Fragile X has affected his family that I related to immediately. ...more

International Fragile X Conference, Day 3 (that would be Thursday)

The mornings of each day of the conference always start with a keynote speaker, and Thursday's was the wonderful Doctors Berry-Kravis and Hagerman. ...more

International Fragile X Conference, Day 2

This morning the first thing I did was hit Starbucks for my morning pick-me-up. ...more

International Fragile X Conference Diary, Day 1

(Today is actually day 2, as I arrived yesterday, but this morning I'll record the notes about yesterday.) The adventure started really at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport, where I ran into not only a familiar friend, but a new friend from Michigan, who final leg of her trip was the same as ours. ...more