Five Beauty Procedures For Pros Only

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about five beauty DIY’s – five techniques/treatments/procedures I recommend doing yourself to save time and money. This time around I’d like to advise you on five things best left to trained professionals because while I’m all about DIY I’m nothing if not cautious....more

These are definitely great salon-only procedures, but don't forget to check up on the licenses ...more

Shopping New York City: Soho

You may be wondering how you can possibly shoe-horn a shopping excursion into your time at BlogHer when there is so much to see. New York City is, of course, a shopping paradise. But it can be overwhelming – there are so many neighborhoods and it can be crazy crowded. Let's not even discuss the heat. I’m here to help with a short list of stores you might want to visit with the hope that you can distill your shopping experience without knocking yourself out. ...more

UNIQLO is quite possibly my favourite men's and more

Beauty DIY: 5 Things to Do at Home

What can you handle on your own, beauty-wise, and what do you need help with? We're all good at something: are you great with a hair-dryer (I seem to need three arms), do you have a steady hand with nail polish, can you whip up a creamy facial with things from your own kitchen?I'm here to suggest five things you can do yourself -- five things anyone can do themselves -- to save money and look better without making an appointment.*...more

Sugar scrubs are awesome! Just add few drops of grapefruit essential oil to your sugar scrub and ...more

How to Find the Right Stylist

I asked every person I met who cut their hair. I asked people with terrible haircuts and people with fabulous haircuts. I asked a co-worker with crazy-short purple hair and I asked a co-worker who is older than I am and has completely different hair than mine (long and curly). I carefully checked into fees and I crossed the $200 stylists off my list along with the $30 stylists and made a list of the cutters I wanted to try in the general vicinity of my office. ...more

Thanks for this piece. I have just been whining recently because I feel that I must be the only ...more

Blog Round Up: 10 Great Style Reads

I love reading style blogs -- and not just the ones written for women. Whether inspiring my wardrobe each season or keeping me abreast of the latest trends, style blogs are a terrific way to stay up to date. Herewith, 10 of my  favorites, in no particular order:...more

What about nerd style? Nerds have got it going on yo'.more

Spring Shoe Trends

It's April 1 and what am I thinking about? Shoes! I want every Spring/Summer shoe I see, but, in truth, I'm seeing the same four trends everywhere I look: this Spring it's all about platforms, wedges, flats and oxfords....more

I am totally crushing on the new "cage" shoes, too, for spring. So interesting - and a little ...more

Four Splurges Under $40

I'm tired of Winter but I've come up with four great things to do (each under $40) to brighten my spirits and put some Spring in my step! ...more

Because I do everything blackbird tells me to do. I went to "our" $15 manicure salon and ...more

Valentine's Gifts For Guys

It's easy to figure out what women might like for Valentine's Day, in my opinion. Flowers, a pretty necklace, chocolate -- there's no end to the things, great and small that women might enjoy receiving from their sweethearts on February 14th. But what about the guys? What do men want? One the one hand, I think we can all well imagine what the gentlemen want -- but I'm talking about something we can wrap up for them. The possibilities are endless, but I've narrowed it down to five choices for you. You're welcome! ...more

Candelaria, it's cold outside!  How about red long johns (a "Union suit" as my ...more

Celebrate the New Year with a Closet Cleanse

Listen up: I’m here to save you money. Heck, who else is recommending that you buy cosmetics in the supermarket? Who else is suggesting you can pull together a holiday outfit with cheap accessories? Me, that’s who....more

On Sunday, a day far too cold to leave the house at all (7 degrees), I did a closet purge. I ...more

What to Do Right Now If You’re Not Done Shopping for the Holidays Yet

It’s late, I know, but there is still time to get those last minute gifts! Here are some simple tips in attempt to keep you from feeling overwhelmed (they work for me and I think they might help you too). ...more