Neighborly Love?

I am obsessed with and check it constantly-so today as I'm doing my daily peruse of the site, I come across an article in D.C. regarding a woman who was charged with murdering her 4 children. Of course this caught my attention, being a mommy-to-be and just being a human being. ...more

Even Pregnant Women Have Fat Days

So I have a seperate post about my pregnancy and my life with my husband as we embark on this new chapter called: "This is our first kid, heaven help us." It's a good way to keep our friends and family connected, since we're scattered all throughout the country and Mexico. ...more

I can totally relate to this post. Even though I am 8 weeks pregnant, there are days where I ...more

New to BlogHer

New to the networking site, first time mommy-to-be looking for information and resources on great, wallet-friendly fashion, healthy-eating on a budget and anything else related to savnig money. My husband and I are trying to buy home and with a baby on the way, your spending goes in a different direction.  ...more