Are all women prostitutes?

The question is `are all women prostitutes? & please give this some thought before you respond...rather then acting on emotional or social initial beliefs. Do women exchange sex either directly or indirectly for profit..this profit could be material, emotional or even physical gain. Is it a fact that the female of the species..any species..has this strength/gift/advantage..that enables her to survive using sex as a barter, either consciously or unconsciously? ...more

do spam attacks stop us from blogging?

I have been interested as well as contributing to the discussions on legalising prostitution blog. When all of a sudden it appears that it has been stopped due to spam attacks. does this mean now that spam is a censor of sorts? That we are silenced due to either advertising or by intrusive mailing? Does this also mean that if I want to bring this subject up again that either the blog websiters or the fear of future spam will stop any of us airing our views? ...more

Is that when the post you're talking about was new and fresh, there were very few comments left ...more


Human rights, is a subject that passes the lips of most people I have known in certain circumstances. `It is MY human right`/`it is `OUR` human right..etc, etc! When at times like this I write down my true thoughts, it usually brings a reception of disgust or dismay. I am never quite sure why that is save to say, in my view it can only be a sense of denial, either self or projected. Human rights organisations have even wanted to represent me. ...more

Social Embrace.

People who look into & critize sexwork usually are the eyes of a viewer, a judger, and a naive! Granted when you look at the big area of prostitution, you cannot fail to see the pain and the suffering that can come in this underworld of stigma and poverty. In any profession there is a degree of pain and suffering, some more apparent than others. ...more

prostitutes are Outlaws!

Prostitutes are Outlaws who control the channels between Nature & Culture. In social terms they absorb all the excess semen created by mankind; being both the depiction of various feminine archetypes & the `cleaners` of unwanted seeds. They are not bound by the sexual fears & conventions of civilisation & are there for the `birth` of sexual fantasy, as well as receptacles & disposers of millions of life forms that mankind does not need. ...more

Is the prostitute the victim or are you?

For some bizarre and inexplicable reason, I have never wholly accepted the fact that I am a victim! In spite of the fact that society would say I am one. In spite of the fact that my contemporaries would say I am one.Even in spite of the fact that my colleagues or people who love and know me would say I am one.I have never felt it within me.I am not a fool who has delusions about myself. I listen, I read and I absorb others ideas and views about life; Whether it be philosophy, science, religion or politics. ...more

prostitutes perspective of feminism

I am a ex-prostitute from the UK, who’s being trying to work out what it is about feminism that makes your hair on the back of your neck stand up! From my experience that seems to be the attitude of most other working girls that I have met.After all aren’t they seeking the equality of females? Haven’t they already got us the vote and gone some way into equal pay/equal jobs?So why do we find ourselves fractured from our sisters so much still? ...more

I Have Nothing To Say-a life of a prostitute.

On a hot and sticky evening the summer of 1976, I was meeting up with my prostitute colleagues in our usual spot on the corner of Union Street. We always conferred about clients and related any trouble we had, especially since the Yorkshire Ripper was on the loose. ...more

hi I need help please

Hi I am from the uk & a writer about sex industry related issues-pro sex industry..but I am trying to blog & find I have to fill in a url field...what is that?? How do I get one & what does it all mean? In the past on other sites I have just been able to blog ie though livejournal etc. can anybody help me please?  ...more