Marriage: It Matters

If pop culture or the latest abysmal sociological data were any indication, you'd think marriage was a modern day malady, especially among black folks. You know, something to avoid like the plague or a hypodermic needle laced with Ebola. But, thankfully, there are some outliers out here who still believe in the commitment, maturity, selflessness, sacrifice and all-out awesomeness of this institution and way of life....more

All This #!(*&^$ Homework!

I'm averaging one and a half to two hours a night on homework.And I'm not even the one who's in school. ...more

What Now?

I'm not just remotely Type A. I am predominantly a Type A personality.For those who don't know, Type As are known for being ambitious, organized, driven and, yes, even a bit competitive. We are proactive, hate indecision, despise wasting time and just want to get to the point, so we can get to the next thing on our to-do list.So imagine, someone like me now living without days full of meetings, lists, tasks and action items. Well, it hasn't reached that point yet, but I am about to find out what that's like....more

Starting Out a Step Ahead vs. Perpetually Treading Water

Let me preface this post by making it clear that I empathize with anyone of any color or any background who has been adversely affected by the recession or bad luck, including having to declare bankruptcy, being foreclosed upon, being underemployed or unemployed, or otherwise economically cast out or financially in dire straits....more

Do Braided Extensions Give Our Daughters a “Rapunzel Syndrome”?

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.” We’re all familiar with this children’s fairytale, in which the title character lets down her lush, thick, long mane of hair, which serves as a ladder of love for her suitor.Many of us black girls reenacted the s...more

The Top 10 Things to Make Life Easier for Black Married Mommas (cont.)

The first five of my Top 10 Things to Make Life Easier for Black Married Mommas were quite individual and circumstantial recommendations. They were about me and my life. Their inclusion was mainly motivated to actions or changes that, on an everyday and rather superficial level, could really make a difference in my daily life....more

The Top 10 Things to Make Life Easier for Black Married Mommas

In my own mind, my life is not easy. But I know fully that others would consider it a charmed one.In the muck and grime and mundanity and daily minutiae of my existence, it’s easy to feel bogged down by bills, housework, limited free time, virtually no spousal alone time, work schedules, school demands, the five- and 10-year plans, and all the little pushes and pulls that are the goings-on in the lives of Black Married Mommas....more