just take a taxi

i am not even sure i want to write about this. it tough to write about and to get it down on paper. but this blog is about this trials and tribulations, successes and achievements that come with living through epilepsy. so, here we go... i don't struggle often. i am forever grateful for this. i do struggle with others lack of basic consideration. i do struggle with others seeing me and thinking that because on the outside everything looks "fine", then all must be well. i struggle when others are assholes. ...more

the vicious migraine cycle

let's talk about them for a minute. or ten. ...more

9 months

nine months. it has been nine months since my last seizure. i've never really felt compelled to count the days since a seizure overtook my body. until now. i can't explain why i feel like i want to. i find joy in it and success. before my last 2 seizures, not having one was something i expected. as if that makes any kind of rational sense. i am a person with epilepsy, after all. i am going to have seizures. it is a part of my life. it has taken me 14 years to accept that. accept that. ...more

mental illness is real

hello all. below is a post from my personal blog that i thought was worth sharing. the death of robin williams has truly shocked our nation and local communities. it has woken up our world to the trueness that is mental illness. it has reminded us of something that has always existed that which we have chosen to ignore. i hope that as a community, we chose to fight the battle inside of hiding from it. robin, i hope you have found the peace you were searching for. ...more

BlogHer newbie here

i am new to BlogHer. how does this place even work? i am overwhelmed, yet happy i found you all. i found BlogHer though various other blogs with the fancy ad at the top. so, finally i just clicked on it. and here i am!the reason i am here is to share with you my blog.BlackOUT: my epileptic journey...more