Paging Boy Scouts of America!...Please Report to the 21st Century!

So I was more than a little taken aback by the fact that yet another Boy Scouts of America Charter was revoked as reported CNN several days ago.  This time it was a church out of Seattle and (good for them!) they refused to fire their pack's gay scoutmaster.  This scoutmaster, by the way, was a 49-year-old decorated Eagle Scout ...more
Do you have a blog address or FB page or anything? I like this story and would love to see more ...more

Trying to Eliminate Bullies? Might As Well Attempt to Stop a Train with Dental Floss

So I used to be a Girl Scout leader here in my community.  I still am, just on a much smaller scale.  I started the troop when the girls were just in Kindergarten.  When the girls started the 5th grade (their last year of elementary school), my co-leader, Jill, and I started to realize that in less than a year, these sweet girls would be thrust into middle school.  Our girls were our oldest children and we had been hearing horrifying stories about middle school and about "mean girls".  We decided to take action.  We decided to prepare.  We decided to tell ...more

The Geurilla Mother...Worse Than Tiger Mother???

So I live in the mundane suburbia of Ohio.  If you've been  to one Ohio suburb you've been to them all.  I have to say that it may be every where, but I suspect that I live in a "Guerilla Mom" hotbed.  I have affectionately called them the "Viet Mom".  They are the mothers with older children that talk down to the rest of us as though we don't have the ability to understand big words or concepts.  Those Know-It-All mothers who could use their child rearing  knowledge to be helpful to others, but instead make the fateful decision to lord their sai...more