What do we look like in the spirit realm?

 @Isabel_Anders Thank you, I'm working on it.more

The New Smart

 @JourneyofLife Yes, I think it makes sense to say that it is street smarts. And when we fall ...more

Do you define your beauty based on Men’s compliments?

Some women receive compliments from men in a very fragile manner. This article is not directed to all women, but just the ones that do as described. They just can’t seem to seem to take a compliment merely as a valued an opinion. I have witnessed close friends and associates of mine who take compliments and pick up lines from random male strangers way too literal and personal. If the man is says something negative to them about their appearance, they allow the comment to threatened their esteem....more
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What do you want for your children?

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Are you Judgmental?

 @BlackSwa444 Yes. Definitely caught mine. :-)more