Coming Soon

I feel so much more confident about making a new years resolution since I’ve started ahead of the curve.  Starting Monday, January 2nd I am going to start training for a Sprint-Distance Triathlon!!!  My goal will be to complete it by the end of 2012.  Hopefully sooner, I’m aiming for my 25th birthday, in July. This is what my weeks will look like: Monday: ...more


Working for a Fortune 500 company certainly has its benefits.  Starting in January 2012, my work place has partnered up with Weight Watchers.  They are giving us a year worth of free enrollment.  I will be taking them up on that.  Heck, it can’t hurt to try it out!  I’m never thought I’d resort to Weight Watchers, but I feel blessed that they are picking up the financial cost for us.  Healthy people are more productive.  It’s been proven.  Perhaps my company is on to something… Also, one of my lovely readers left me a comment about having goal...more


I’m lacking it....more
Very True Victoria. I usually post all of my blog posts to this website, but I had been a bit ...more

They Say Laughing Burns Calories

I don’t know who they are, but take a look at this priceless piece of photography. They just might be right…    ...more

So You’ve Been Eating Healthy…

…NOT ME!  I certainly haven’t been eating caramel corn – drizzled in dark chocolate.  Nope, not me. Carb loading?  No never, not me. On Christmas Eve I definitely didn’t order the healthy salmon and asparagus entree – and then follow it up with a healthy dose of Tiramisu.  Not me! But today is a new day.  I’m back to the gym, and back to eating right.   I thought I could make it through the holidays without giving in.  This girl didn’t make it, nope not me! ...more
@midnightbliss TO LATE! But I'm back at it as of yesterday with the healthy options :) Thank ...more

Stir Fry

It’s quite apparent that I am no food blogger or chef.  I’ve always envied the photos that such bloggers are able to capture of their culinary creations.  I thought I’d try my hand tonight.  My husband and I perused the produce section this evening, and although I don’t particularly like Asian food, I do love stir fry.  I’m quite fond of almost every type of vegetable, which I guess is convenient since veggies are a large part of a healthy diet. I went down the sauce aisle and grabbed a bottle of “Stir Fry Sauce” – real original, I know.  Then I grabbed:...more

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Or in this case, a picture is worth an entire blog post....more

An Amazing Epiphany

What's today? Sunday? Okay, all my days are a blur. So if today is Sunday, then this story is about Friday. Yes Friday. Definitely not yesterday(yikes). Back to Friday... Friday was by far the shittiest day I've had in a while. It started when I woke up, checked my bank account, and almost threw up simultaneously. This was the check that was effected by my absence of work/no more sick time, due to the neck injury that spurred this blog/revolution. You know that moment when you hear the absolute worst news in the world, and your stomach drops, and you get light-headed and dizzy?...more

Truth Hurts

If my addiction to Pinterest is getting in the way of you enjoying my blog, then I apologize get a life!  I kid, I kid.  It’s not my fault that site is so God damn addicting.  It’s like crack, except this kind doesn’t kill.     ...more

I've accomplished the unthinkable

I’ve already told everybody I work with, to keep the candy away from me. Today when I got to work, there was a handful of sweets on my desk. I stared at them – Thinking about how yummy they would taste. I wanted to eat them all....more
@victorias_view haha right?? I'm just soooo generous ;)more