Why Valentines Day can fuck right off : The frustration of a Postmodern Stripper

February 14.  Nestled so innocently in what would otherwise be my favorite month.  Every February of my compulsory education was spent finally learning about Black people.  Growing up this was a once a year event and I was always inspired.  In February I felt I had the potential to do anything,  go to the moon, be president, invent the next big whatever- like all the people before me I could make my mark on the world....more

Get Your Politics off My Tits and Outta My Vag!

Wednesday marked the start of Black History Month. This is the one month that is set aside to uplift Americans who are part of the African Diaspora. Americans that disproportionately lack comprehensive health care and as a result are more likely to die from lack of screening for diseases.  This is why I was more than shocked to find out that Susan G Komen Foundation  picked yesterday to announce they they will cut funds to Planned Parenthood an organization that gave almost 170,000 free breast exams to women in lower income areas of the US, women who would otherwise have never been screened....more
@BlasianBytch Wow. I'm glad to hear it, because I'm a little tired of people denigrating the ...more

An Open Letter to Internet Creepers

Dear Internet People, I Am Not Your Fetish Object. I am on websites like Adultfriendfinder and Fetlife to explore my sexuality and fetishes- not to be your fetish object.  I know this might be a confusing concept for some of you out there, but women of color have their kinks and turn-ons as well.  While some women might be open to race play many are not.  I’m one of those women ...more

A Good Day to be Black and Sexy?

 This is my ass. For the last ten or so years every form of mass media has told me that this is not only the best way of measuring my worth as a Black woman, its also innately low class while being the only reason any man would put up with me. My Black ass, a gift and a curse....more

As the oldest daughter of a women whose ass could be compared to a Hottenton, and the recipient ...more

Please help Kimora Klein

When I saw on twitter that Kimora was in a car accident and wouldn't be going to AVN I had no idea how serious her injuries were.  She was tweeting so that means she's okay. I was tragically mistaken. A website has been started to help fans and loved ones send donations for towards her medical care as well gifts to lift her spirits. ...more