If You're Looking for Me, I'm in the Pantry. And I Took the Rum.

*Facebook - The girls are calling each other Soul Sisters instead of Step Sisters. I think it's just an excuse to hear Gabby sing HEY SOUL SISTER at the top of her lungs....more

Banana Smoothies

When you have 6 children, aged 3-11, you have to accept the reality that most of the time whatever you are doing would seem completely insane to most other people.   To say that a family this size makes for unpredictable situations would be an understatement. We make plans and then fly by the seat of our pants. This is how we ended up spending our first family vacation, a 3 day trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota, scouring milkshake shops, ice cream stores and cafes between seeing the sites and buying souvenirs.  ...more