That's The Rub

Tonight was another day in my confessional chapter. Even though my husband has not spoken to me in two weeks, nor come home before nine, I went to church to be “present” at his Bible study.  The format is open question and answer. The evening passed with a run of typical questions. ...more
Thank you for this blog. You expressed some of my feelings that had not found words yet. Of ...more

Journey to Wholeness

The journey of getting through difficult times leads to a fork in a road. Just like you, I have had my fair share of disappointments and challenges.  As a matter of fact, the very existence of this blog is pivotal in my journey to healing and wellness. In other words, I’m in the midst of a trial right now!   ...more

Confessions of A Pastor's Wife - Part 3

I have neglected this blog. I have another one that is somewhat successful – with my face plastered all over it. But this one is different.  It is my secret. No one knows that it’s me behind this long and tentative journey. I like it that way. ...more

I need much advice.. and being that I am the women that everyone comes to for wisdom... I can't ...more

Healing In Transparency

Another Sunday down… ...more

A Journey Toward Wholeness

My first blog was one of the most painful things I have done in my life. ...more

Confessions of A Pastor's Wife

I have been contemplating this blog for some time. But I have been hesitant for many reasons.  For one, the subject matter is controversial for some and downright offensive for others. ...more
I am very sorry to say that I do not have that life. My husband just finished 3 years of ...more