When The Mortgage Crisis Ate The American Pie

Almost eight years ago we started our journey to the American dream. We were married and the starter before an actual starter home. It was run down and tiny but we could fix it up and use it as an investment.  One slice of the American pie down, a few hundred more to go.  We were told that if we lived in the house for 3 years we might be able to sell it and walk away with a profit....more

I Turned 30 Without My Mom

I turned 30 today. My heart isn't heavy about it. Actually I'm happy to have an excuse for the gray hairs, a reason for having a grocery cart full of kids and the ability to tell you how to get out every stain known to man. 30 is going to be good, I can tell already. The one thing that my heart is extremely heavy about is that I had to enter this new decade of my life without my mom. My entire family and friends celebrated with me, called me, emailed me, and bombarded me, everyone except my mom. ...more

My mom and I haven't spoken for 6 months. She missed my kids 3rd and 11th birthdays - because ...more

The Black Friday Mission.

I am a Black Friday shopper. To say that I celebrate Thanksgiving is but a part of the truth. Thanksgiving is like Christmas Eve, the moment of great anticipation before you rip into presents the next morning. To the real bargain shopper, it is pay dirt. The BB gun is to Ralphie in The Christmas Story as Black Friday is to pure frugalistas. Everyone else out there on Black Friday is just wearing a pink bunny suit. ...more

I loathe shopping. I must be a genetic mutation or something. Online is the only way to go for ...more

Personal Rights: Amazon.com Vs. the Littlest People

Personal rights are a sticky thing. You have so many rights that are a blessing but the key to the whole saga is how to partake in your rights without infringing on someone else's.Case in point.. My neighbor has the right to blare his music as loud as humanly possible while driving in his car. He has a right to do that as we live in a free country. However the fact that I can tell you what the songs are saying, word for word, while sitting in our bedroom at 1 o'clock in the morning is the problem....more