Friday Faves and Thoughts on Something I Say Too Often

Last week, a friend of mine shared an article on Facebook about "blessings", and it really made me think. ...more

Your Turn To Shine Link Party #16

Hi bloggy friends! ...more

Reader Appreciation Giveaway: $200 to Lush Decor

I love being able to give back to my readers with some home decor goodies, so when Lush Decor contacted me asking to host a $200 giveaway to their site, I was all for it. ...more

Another One Bites the Dust: Stairway Lighting

We're at it again, y'all. ...more

2 Simple Steps to Upgrade a Basic Window

We have been ticking items off our to-do list for our master bathroom for the past couple of weeks and it is so exhilarating to start seeing the end of our hard work. ...more

Friday Faves

Today is a two-cups-of-coffee kind of morning...with probably way more creme brulee creamer than is acceptable. ...more

Your Turn To Shine Link Party #15

Hi, friends! ...more

Walking the Plank: Master Bathroom Progress

Back in the fall of 2013, when Robert and I were all dreamy eyed as we poured over the limitless builder options in the blueprint phase of our house, there were two things that were absolute must-haves for me- a pantry (that is now ridiculously organized) and a big garden tub in our master bathroom. ...more

Spring Inspired Window Wall Decor

I blame my father-in-law for a little infatuation I've had from the time my husband and I started dating. ...more

Friday Faves

It's the weekend!!! ...more