I am Ditching Blogher Ads

I have placed blogher ads on my site for more than 6 months and yet to receive a check. I guess I am not blogher material and even though my posts have been featured, it hasn't driven my reader count up. I really am not blogher material.     ...more

Oprah Is Why The French Hate Us

Oprah has been on television for more than 20 years, and within that time, she has failed educate her fans on anything more than superficial fads in diet, culture, and politics. As of today, Oprah has not once interviewed or educated her fat and frivolous fan with an educational retrospect on ballet, opera ( nd Potts the tenor doesn't count) painters, poets, or sculptor...no artist what so ever. Musicians were not featured unless they already grabbed an Emmy or were about to. And if you thought I forgot about Maya Angelou, you are wrong!! ...more

I never thought I would see somebody criticise the great Oprah. Well done I quite agree, even ...more

I Blue Balled A Pigeon

Its spring time and the doves are mating. I happened to stumble upon a couple, and not thinking about the timing, I thought maybe one of my cats had hurt one of the flying country rats. The racket they were making in the trees had me conjecturing of a wounded bird that needed my help. Wrong!! I disturbed an intimate moment and I fear my car will be the target of misplaced sexual frustrations. Do you know how hard it is to scrape off bird poo filled with berry jism? ...more

I just appreciate that someone else has a 'lust for procreational avoidance' and I am not the ...more

Take your hardship and shove it!!!

Capital One just sent me a letter, first telling me they value me as a customer just before they told me because of economic hardship they are increasing my interest rate to a variable of 22.95%. Hardship?!! You Mother F--ers!! You just got bailed out and your CEO's walked away with a fortune and your putting the strain on me because you have investors that can't lose a few million dollars. I hope you burn in hell you little pricks.  ...more

Despite my best efforts to Tivo everything in advance so I can fast forward through every ...more

You are not a Single Parent

If you are divorced and split the kids time among each other and receive child support, you are not a single parent!! You are a divorced parent!     ...more

Fix the Parent

and there will be no need to fix the kid!!   ...more

Why Do Partners Cheat?

Shouldn't we ask, why they don't?   ...more

Michelle Obama is not a Fashion Icon

unless you are a fan of frumpy. Not to be a jerk but someone has to poop on the parade, so it will be me. I do not know how the First Lady will do on a whole but I am hoping for the same feather ruffling as my girl Hillary. And while I am excited about her taking on the task at hand, her first mistake was letting someone else dress her for the Inaugaration. ...more

...just younger, hipper, a whole lot prettier (hey, I can't help it. I'm a guy) and, of ...more

The Blonde Feminist

I have read several articles regarding sexologists and even worse, I read the comments that followed. The dribble that comes from the New York Times sometimes astonishes me. An article that was filled with words more than value. "What Women want?" Does a man have a right to this article? Does a man have a right to comment on what we want? Does a sexologist have expertise based on gathering data from the arousal of women watching porn? ...more

Amen sista! You have got a point and I agree with you ...more

I Fall Un Love

I fall for the wrong guy for the wrong reasons. I am like a moth who gets its wings burned because it can't figure out that the lightbulb it wants so badly is causing the burns. ...more