Love Music: Songs as an aphrodisiac and using music to talk about healthy relationships

Every Valentine’s day, one of my dearest friends, also a music therapist, Darci Fontenot, puts together a list of love songs for her friends to listen to get in the “Lovin’” mood. As the day grew closer this time around, I found myself waiting with excited anticipation of what auditory aphrodisiacs the list would have on it this year. And, I thought it would be a cool way to share the love if I asked other friends about their favorite love songs....more

Want Change? Beat on a DRUM!

By, Davida Price, MS, MT-BC. I can feel change coming again. It’s as slow and sudden as the roasted orange color of grey clouds before the morning they deliver snow. I have been manifesting this change for a while, feeling the contented feeling of nesting, while simultaneously feeling an urge to move closer to the front of the stage, to see what I can see, although my seats are good enough, life is a theater in the round, there is no “bad seat,” and yet here I go again....more