Florida & Her Beautiful Beaches

I am a native Floridian, I was born in Rockledge Florida and have been a beach baby all my life. Even when I lived in Texas our family made summer pilgrimages to Galveston. The beach has been a constant in my life until now. I have been robbed of my one true love, the beautiful colorful clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico. My favorite thing was snorkeling or diving on the reefs with their flourishing marine life. Everyone has a favorite thing and that was mine....more

Clinical Trial Treatment For Cancer

First let me say that I did contact the Burzynski Clinic to make sure it was ok for me to share this movie link in my blog. Permission granted so with that being said, Cancer has touched all of us in one way or another. Dr. Burzynski if given the chance to do his clinical trials from the FDA to move forward post haste instead of decades of being harassed by the FDA, US Patent Office, NCI, Elan Pharmaceuticals and others lives could have been saved. After billions of dollors spent in inditments, trials and patent battles Dr....more

On The Path To "Real Food"

I welcome all comments! Shelia Harris Life Everyday!...more


  I rented two movies this weekend both of which have left me examining my single life as I am approaching 50 years of age in a mere few months.  I was married once but it was not pretty, I have experienced “movie love” which did not have a happy ending.  I appreciate the fact that I had it once so I have had those magical moments that take your breath away.  However, I wonder still if the pain and over whelming anger that followed is why I am sitting here now almost a decade later, once again examining my life under a high powered microscope.  ...more

Getting Away With Murder ~ More From Goodbye Shelia

Monsanto is getting away with murder on so many levels.   If you are a first time reader of my blog please go to this link for my last blog http://www.blogher.com/more-goodbye-shelia.  There you will have a total recap of my resent blogs on the subject of the worlds food supply as well as to the farmers under their control.  PLEASE go to this link and send a message to Governor Strickland of Ohio, let him know it is our right to have labeling that assures us that our dairy products contain no ...more

More From Goodbye Shelia

While I respect all the good that the Susan G. Komen foundation has done for breast cancer awareness, I really have a difficult time stomaching their current campaign. The campaign and alliance with KFC is a hard pill to swallow and I can only wonder if they did any research on the chicken giant they have climbed into bed with. The big players in this game of ownership and control over our food are Monsanto, Purdue and Tyson. These three are not all but out of a handful these guys are the big boys in the game....more

If You Control The Food Supply, You Control The World

 I have blogged about the documentary called "Food Inc." you may purchase it on Amazon for around $10.  Please buy it and share the information with your friends.  It is shocking information and I could not believe what I was hearing.  It also goes hand in hand with the book "Seeds Of Deception".  Now I am asking you to watch another documentary called "The World According To Monsanto".    Monsanto on a global level, Purdue and Tyson in the US are well on their way to controlling our food supplies.  They dictate how our food is gro...more

Illegal Immigrant Situation Facing Our Nation, Are You Ready For The Truth?

It is so easy for everyone to sit back and run their mouths on any number of topics. Very few will actually have the ability to be slightly open minded and keep their mouth shut before they even bother to get down and dirty and do some research on their own first. On that note, I am in fact doing my own research on a very hot topic right now, the illegal immigrants issue that is exploding across our nation....more

Eternal Reefs A Beautiful Continuation Of Life

I always joking refer to myself as a mermaid because I am the happiest when I am in the water. As a native Floridian we were always at the beach, heck I was born in a beach community. Even when I lived in Texas we made three to four pilgrimages to Galveston ever summer. I finally received my diving certification while on a vacation in 2001 to the French Polynesia Islands around Bora Bora and Tahiti. As soon as I dropped out of the dive destination dingy, I put on my mask to look into the water and could not believe the world that was unfolding right before my eyes. Wow!...more

Watch "Seeds Of Deception"

Foodies if you have not seen this yet please watch Seeds of Deception.  This is in the same vein of the topics that I have been writing about in my previous blog posts.  PLEASE WATCH the documentary "Seeds of Deception", very important information for your health and the ones that you love!   http://www.seedsofdeception.com/Public/MediaCenter/Videos/index.cfm   Also not to be missed watch this documentary "The World Ac...more