BlogHer Entrepreneur Success Stories: Turning Inspiration Into Action

Elisa Camahort Page introduces former attendees sharing how they put what they learned at previous conferences into action. ...more

The Mobile Imperative

Innovation strategy team at Kaplan. The panel is a group of investors, incubators, mobile international rockstars. The intent of the session- any beginning entrepreneur in mobile will leave the session empowered. ...more


Alright everybody thank you for coming to the Crowd-Funding panel. We have an awesome panel line up with diverse experiences. Before I ask them to introduce themselves, if you haven't been to a BlogHer event before, we like to keep these sessions very conversational. You don't have to wait until the end. We want to address your questions and your needs. In service of that, I want to do an informal poll ...more

Social Ventures

I am Stacy Morrison from BlogHer. Before I came to BlogHer I worked at Magazines and social journalism we do advocacy for social and women in developing countries and awareness. I am on the board of Violence for silence, helping victims of violence sharing stories. Laura has a 12 page slide that sets up some of these questions on how to set up start ups for social. ...more

How Do Engineers Hire Developers?

I thought we'd pitch this as how to hire engineers when you aren't technical yourself, or you aren't sure when or how to hire or how to manage them. ...more

The Language of the Deal

Lauren: Has had many deals involving business risk. One client involved in a negotiation was a litigator on a related deal -- important lesson: knowing who is on the other side of the table and biases they bring, not just facts of the deal. ...more

Migrating to Manufacturing

Co-founder of SOMA. Mission is to redefine how consumer beverages in the home, first product competitor to BRITTA. Was running a startup but his background is in humanitarian work. I don't know, What are you most passionate about? Water. Wants to give access to clean water. Friend complained about Britta spilling, black flakes, not Eco-friendly. What if we design the TOMS for water filters that has design. CEO friend chairman. ...more

The Social Imperative Keynote

Elisa: I encourage you to read more about each of our panelists in the booklet. For us, for every company whether you are building a company you have to be thinking about social because that's where your customers are spending such a good deal of time using all sorts of social tools. Over 80% of U.S. women have a Facebook page. All our attention is aggregated across social. That's why we are calling it Social Imperative. ...more

Morning Keynote: Mastering Your Mojo

You start a business because you are passionate about something then -- On My God, I'm not doing anything about this company. I haven't written a blog post and I work for a blogging company. How do we find our Mojo? How do we start a company when we may have lost it? ...more

Analyst Assessments

Lisa: I'd like to introduce the next two women. Pattie Sellers, for a long time was the editor at large at Fortune magazine. And is now one of the co-founders of one of the Fortune Most Powerful Women conference. The other woman I thought I might want to be is Amy Vance who heads the Comcast Venture Capital and serves on the BH board of directors. Thank you so much, take it away. ...more