Closing Keynote -- Exit Strategies for Bloggers

Jory Des Jardins Cheyl Contee Barb Dybwad Carley Knobloch ...more

Growth Imperative #2: Mobile

Maya Bisineer // MeMeTales Nelly Yusupova // Webgrrls Sarah Kramer // Go Vegan app Stephanie Quilao // Noshtopia ...more

Proposals & Pricing

Esther Crawford Jenny Lauck Maria Niles Stephanie O'Dea Jenny Lauck gives a welcome. She is the moderator today. Panelists introduce Stephanie: A Year of Slow Cooking in 2008. Tried my hand at blogging. Wanted to see if I could build something from nothing. Gets 4 million ...more

Growth Imperative #1: Video

Catherine McCord // Weelicious Carley Knobloch // digitwirl Jennifer Kennedy // The Video Mojo Stacy Morrison, BlogHer Editor-in-Chief ...more

The Life of a Sale

Beth Blecherman ( // @techmama) Ana Lydia Ochoa ( // @LatinaPRpro) Teneshia Jackson Warner ( // @teneshiajwarner) Deb Rox ( // @debontherocks) ...more

Lunch Keynote: Growing Your Audience and Influence with Social + Search

Keynote 2 Growing our audience influence with social+ search Elisa Camahort Page, BlogHer Co-Founder Duane Forrester of Bing Elise Bauer of Simply Recipes ...more

Next Level Personal Branding: Turning You Into the “Product”

Maria Ross of Red Slice This is a workshop session that includes 10 activity questions for the audience to participate in. Maria says welcome and hello to a packed room. I am so excited the room is packed. I'm the creator and brand solver for Red Slice. I'm an author, I've written two books. One I'll be signing today. I wrote a book called "Rebooting my brain". ...more

Welcome Keynote: Bringing Your Best, Authentic Self to Business

S1: Diane Cu S2: Todd Porter @WhiteOnRice ...more

Welcome by Elisa Camahort Page and Jory Des Jardins

S1: Elisa Camahort Page, BlogHer Co-Founder S2: Jory Des Jardins First BlogHerPro. Jory had her baby and now she's back. Elisa: Women Work study results have just come out. About BlogHer: A number of you this is your first event, for those who think that it's only for events, we want to provide clarity. We are community, network, and media company. We're online 15 million readers of our network, Events is how we all come together. born in 2005. ...more