Holiday Art Printables

In the festive spirit of sharing, I have designed 2 Christmas and 1 New Year's Eve themed art prints for your home. Download and print these bad boys and slip into one of your empty photo frames to add some extra holiday decor to your home. As I'm a romantic who loves Champagne both Christmas mistletoe and New Year's Eve bubbly are sure ways to bring me joy (and I hope you too).  ...more

DIY Abstract Art

Break out your paint brushes and palate knives, it is time for an art attack! To help add some colour to the ignored upstairs hallway I made this colour-field inspired abstract painting using reds, pinks and gold....more

DIY Garden Trellis

While shopping for trellises I noticed even simple ones costed $25 or more, so I decided to make one myself using affordable strapping wood. This project is very easy and affordable, and only takes an hour to make not including the time the glue needs to dry....more
It looks great!more

Paint It Black - What a Difference a Door Color Makes

We recently started working on our front entrance by replacing our ugly uninspiring light fixture with a DIY chandelier made with coffee filters, something that reflects us both very well as we both love some fine brewed java. Next on the dusty to-do list was painting the front door which we wanted to scream glam, so inspired by our trip to Paris we painted it black and white, similar to the style of the famous French fashion designer Coco Channel....more
Love the effect and so easy. I also love black and use it from time to time to add drama where ...more