Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, One Year Old Is What You Are

We celebrated Lincoln’s 1st birthday party on Saturday with a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star themed party. I fell in love with the star idea while rocking Linc to sleep in his room – there have been glow in the dark stars on his ceiling since we bought the house. Plus I don’t think it’s a stretch to say he is a sparkly, twinkly baby personality-wise ....more

My Week(247) in iPhone Photos

This week Lincoln turned 1 and I started freaking out because summer feels almost over. Sunday: Target is easier when you can tie one kid to your back and bribe the other two with Icees. All the kids love the Boppy Lake Baby Monday: Sunflowers for Wishes is beauitful Caroline dressed up for our wagon ride I made the mistake of asking them to take a nice picture ....more

Lincoln: 12 Months

{Evan’s 12 month post} {Caroline’s 12 month post} So it’s kind of funny. When Evan turned 12 months, I definitely still thought of him as a baby on the brink of toddlerhood. When Caroline turned 12 months, I thought of her as a toddler who was basically a real person ....more

Yelling At A Kid Doesn’t Make You A Hero

This is not the post I was supposed to be writing today. Right now I am supposed to be taking pictures of my 364-day-old baby so I can post a sweet, heartfelt, sob-worthy birthday post tomorrow when he turns 1. But my baby is blissfully taking a much-needed nap while I get to sit on the couch with a Diet Coke and think about how much needs to be done before his party on Saturday ....more

A Mom’s Real Life Guide To Stain Removal

Item: White t-shirt Stain: Grass Treatment: Dab stain with rubbing alcohol. When it’s time to wash, pour some detergent directly onto the stain before throwing it into the laundry. Item: Pink ballet leotard Stain: Blood Treatment: Soak leotard immediately in cold water, then rub with a bar of soap ....more

My Week(246) in iPhone Photos

Summer summer summertime! So much summering going on around here. Sunday: When there is a sleeping baby on you, you sit ....more

Ocean Beach Fun

There’s a commercial they play on the radio all summer proclaiming that Ocean Beach in New London is one of the finest “sugar sand” beaches in the country. Having been to New London a couple times, I was extremely skeptical of that claim. We have some lovely beaches in Connecticut, but nothing I would call amazing ....more

4th of July 2015

Happy (late) Fourth of July! We went to Cape Cod, like we try to do every year. I missed 2014 because I was so pregnant I couldn’t imagine being more than 10 minutes away from the hospital ....more

My Week(245) in iPhone Photos

It looks like I spent the WHOLE week at the lake. Which I guess I did. Sunday: Lake food Lake view Lake naps Monday: WATCH OUT FOR THE PINK FLOATY IT WILL RUIN YOUR KID Love our BityBean in the water Party countdown is on Tuesday: Lashes Loaner wrap is super cushy Star Wars, kids playing, me editing = mom life Wednesday: This baby is finally learning to sleep in his own room He doesn’t know how to use that phone yet ....more

My Week(244) in iPhone Photos

Hello. It is summer. Sunday: Morning lap naps because we have no where to be Sports! ...more