My Week(230) in iPhone Photos

It snowed again yesterday. They had to move the Easter Egg hunt at church inside because of snow. I can’t ....more

Oak Leaf Dairy Farm Visit – Baby Goat Cuddle Therapy Should Be A Thing

A few weeks ago a friend posted a photo on Facebook of her daughter surrounded by baby goats. I clicked the picture, which was geo-tagged, which led to a place name, which I then typed into Facebook and their page popped up. (Technology, man!) It turns out the place with the baby goats is called Oak Leaf Dairy and it’s only 20 minutes from my house ....more

Lincoln: 8 Months

On his actual 8 month day Linc slept through the night, then took a 4 hour nap. He woke up a zillion years older. He’s bigger ....more

My Week(229) in iPhone Photos

I am suffering from a severe case of OMFG WHY ISN’T IT WARMER OUTSIDE YET. It’s making me hate everything. Sunday: We bought a children’s museum membership basically JUST for this thing Caroline says this hat is totally her style Evan takes checkers very seriously Monday: I bought a new rug Go away Mommy LASHES Tuesday: Baby in a cage with a sister to entertain him = I can get stuff done Meeting the fishes Caroline said he needed to be more stylish Wednesday: I had to put the baby in a stroller, so I put a wrap over him ....more

My Week(228) in iPhone Photos

So, Linc learned to scoot this week. More than lunging, more than wiggling, real one-knee up monkey scooting which makes him fully mobile. For good measure he can also pull up to his knees on the couch, chairs, the cat, the dog, and anything else he can reach ....more

My Week(227) in iPhone Photos

I completely forgot to do this yesterday. I wasn’t too busy or anything, I just totally forgot. That might be the first time in 227 weeks ....more

Wordless Wednesday: Snow Fun

Thank you so much for subscribing to bebehblog! I appreciate your readership. If you liked Wordless Wednesday: Snow Fun, please click over and share your comments or email me anytime at xoxo Suzanne Related posts: 32 Months #febphotoaday My Week(99) in iPhone Photos Wordless Wednesday: Snow Fun originally appeared on bebehblog on March 4, 2015 ....more

My Week(226) in iPhone Photos

It’s March now, so why is it snowing? Sunday: Multi-tasking: Nursing and yoga Baby’s first official dance party Help-yourself candy bar totally blew their mind Monday: STOP THINKING ABOUT CRAWLING First successful crib nap!! Big version, little version Tuesday: She is not so sure about this side-swept bangs look Old Man Lincoln demands you get the GOOD cheese, not the STORE BRAND cheese, you hear me young lady? ...more

Lincoln: 7 Months

I think 7 months is too many months. I don’t like it. This morning I started looking at first birthday party ideas and then immediately had a minor breakdown and decided there was NO WAY I was letting Lincoln turn one anytime soon ....more

My Week(225) in iPhone Photos

The kids had Monday and Tuesday off school, which DIRECTLY coincided with E’s trip out of town. I did not enjoy that. It was also ridiculously cold ....more