First Day of School 2014

I think I forgot to do the questions last year. I’m not even sure I took pictures of Caroline’s first day – I can’t find the post. But this year was a big year for both kids ....more

My Week(199) in iPhone Photos

Next week will be 200 WEEKS of iPhone photos, which is a lot of weeks. It will also be total chaos, between two different classroom orientations, two different start times, two buses, two schools, my first attempts at lunch-packing, all with a newborn in tow. Don’t be shocked if every photo is of a large Dunkin iced coffee ....more

Lincoln: 1 Month

Previously: Evan 1 month Caroline 1 month Happy One Month Baby Lincoln! Stats (from his 4 week checkup on Tuesday): Height: 21 3/4 inches Weight: 11 lbs 4 oz Head: 39.6 cm Linc wins all the baby awards for being a good baby. He has put himself on a fairly reliable schedule and it happens to be a schedule I can totally get on board with: He wakes up around 6:30 am and has some awake/cat nap/awake time in the morning, until around 11 am ....more

Life With 3: Update 1

It is 11:25 am and I am watching The Price is Right, which means life is really good right now. That’s how I judge my level of happiness: am I able to be home, eating a sandwich, between the hours of 11 and 12 so I can watch Drew Carey give away cars? Yes? ...more

Newborn Picture Extravaganza!

Having my own newborn to photograph was a) awesome and b) horrible. Newborn photo shoots are hard work – lots of crouching and squatting and lying down and then getting up and holding your heavy camera at weird angles and being super patient while the baby settles and re-settles and needs to be fed and fed and fed again. So when you’re trying to do all the things yourself it’s exhausting ....more

My Week(198) in iPhone Photos

Even if you have a pretty good baby, they still keep your hands busy a LOT. Which makes blogging and photo editing hard. I have literally a thousand photos to share but will be lucky if I get 10% of them edited and posted in the next 6 months ....more

My Week(197) in iPhone Photos

I took all three kids to Virginia, since the idea of feeding, bathing and entertaining them by myself was scarier than driving 450 miles alone. My apologies for ALL the lake pictures, but I basically parked myself on the dock and didn’t move for 4 days. Sunday: Watching “the robot show” That’s MY soccer shirt from when I was a teeny tiny terrible soccer player A+++++ PRO PARENTING Monday: Swim class kicking practice Dinner made and delivered by someone else is better than any dinner I can make ....more

6 Totally Reasonable Tips For Road Tripping With A Newborn

1. Buy the right car seat. There are no actual guidelines for what constitutes “right”, so be sure to read lots and lots and lots of reviews on Amazon ....more

Sponsored Post: Annedroids on Amazon

Have I mentioned recently that I had a baby? No? You missed that? ...more

My Week(196) in iPhone Photos

This week features my baby sleeping in various places. Of course, I’d like him to also be sleeping RIGHT NOW but he’s decided that’s no fun anymore. Hashtag here comes the exhaustion ....more