San Francisco Whirlwind

This post is going to be long and rambling but also full of pictures because I currently have 30 free minutes and who knows when that will happen again, so I’m just doing this all at once. We survived flying to California with 4 kids! A 5 week old who basically just eats and sleeps is a very easy traveler ....more

My Week(310) in iPhone Photos

My sister got married this week! We all went to San Francisco. All of us ....more

My Week(309) in iPhone Photos

This week is a pretty good example of my new normal. Except for every photo of anyone looking happy, imagine 15 photos of me shouting at them for being feral monsters. Sunday: Antique car day at the seaport! ...more

Finnegan: 1 Month

My teeny tiny brand new earthside baby has somehow already been here for a month. Is there anything like a newborn to really demonstrate the “days are long but years are short” saying? The seconds when Finn is screaming his head off at me last forever ....more

Backyard Campfire Fun

It’s fallllllll! (Imagine me saying that in my best Oprah voice.) But that doesn’t mean it’s time to hide inside. It’s the most magical time of the year here in New England, where the days are still warm enough to be by the water but you have to close the windows at night or you can’t feel your nose in the morning ....more

My Week(308) in iPhone Photos

So much baby(toddler)-wearing this week! Linc needed the cuddles and Finn was still so sleepy he doesn’t care. He’ll be attached to me all the time soon enough ....more

5 Tips For Taking Newborn Photos Yourself

Here’s my first piece of advice when it comes to newborn photography: HIRE AN EXPERT. This is one case where you truly cannot recreate what you see on Pinterest on your own. The time, training, expense, and expertise that goes into becoming a great newborn photographer cannot be replicated with a how-to post on the internet ....more

My Week(307) in iPhone Photos

I thought I did really well this week, but a) my mom was still here and b) I somehow totally forgot Wednesday? The real test will be this current week, when I’m left with 4 children all day. Will they make it to school wearing clothes?!?! ...more

Game Night Get Together {Sponsored by Ellio’s Pizza}

Thank you Ellio’s Pizza for sponsoring this post. Visit your local retailer to pick up your own Ellio’s Pizza for a pizza night in! Once a month – or more often, if we can manage – we share a game night with one of E’s coworkers and his family ....more

Best Weekend Of The Year 2016

The best weekend of the year, when New England finally remembers what makes it the best – fall weather! food! small town fairs! ...more