My Week(235) in iPhone Photos

I started and ended my week with beautiful photo sessions where everyone wore short sleeves. The heat in my house is still kicking on most nights but I am almost confident I can put away my...more

Lincoln: 9 Months

I’m almost a full week late with this and I feel really guilty about it. Between the big kid activities, mom friend dates and photography stuff Linc has been a little neglected. Not like, sitting in dirty diapers all day and not fed enough neglected ....more

My Week(234) in iPhone Photos

I am apparently allergic to everything that is blooming/growing at the moment. I ran through all the OTC drugs I had and I’m afraid to buy anything else in case the cops show up to look for my meth lab. Plus I can’t take any GOOD stuff because I’m nursing ....more

Horsing Around (I May Have Used That Title Before)

I don’t often have a favorite child. Sometimes I have a least favorite child (defined as the one who is currently misbehaving/throwing a tantrum/crying/keeping me awake at 2 am) but that only lasts for a few minutes. Mothers have an infinite amount of love, so loving one kid infinite plus a little bit more is almost impossible ....more

My Week(233) in iPhone Photos

This week was spring break. We didn’t go anywhere in the stay-over-night-on-vacation sense, but we did go do a lot of things. Especially Caroline and I – we are cut from the same cloth that refuses to just sit on the couch on a sunny day ....more

My Week(232) in iPhone Photos

This week (the one I am typing in, not the one in the pictures) is spring break and the weather finally got the memo so I am tempted to turn off my laptop, toss it in a closet and not look at it again until the weather gets back below 50 degrees. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen again until October. Sunday: Grumpy baby wanted to walk around instead of sit through Easter service Brunching Evan picked this one from ALL the grocery store cakes Monday: No match for fresh air I MISSED 100000 EVEN Grocery store assistant Tuesday: Best Legos Ever Style Attention Target shoppers: Adorable baby in the main aisle Wednesday: More Style DEFINITELY GINGERY He’s pretty convinced that is his bed ....more

Evan: 6 Years Old

Six is a lot of years. It’s one-third of the way to 18, which I immediately regret both thinking and typing. But there is no denying Evan is a big kid, well on his way to being a full grown human who barely even needs me ....more

Happy 33 To Me

Hey, it’s my birthday, I’m gonna party like I’m responsible for keeping 3 small humans alive on my birthday. So maybe a glass of wine after they all go to bed. That song was actually really popular on my birthday the year it came out (which I believe was in two thousand and OMG I am old) so I think of it as my birthday song ....more

Easter 2015

This year, Evan’s birthday and Easter were the same day. We actually did his celebrating the day/night before and did Easter stuff on Easter, so these pictures are out of order but I’m hoping to put together a real birthday post with a kid interview before I finish it. So I’m starting with Easter ....more

My Week(231) in iPhone Photos

I have both Easter pictures and Evan’s birthday post to write, but instead of eating Easter candy I stole from the kids and sitting on the couch this morning I went for a walk. I am feeling the “summer is coming” stress and really regreting bascially everything I’ve eaten for the last 9 months, so I’m making a conscious effort to increase my activity level and decrease my candy consumption. At least I will, after all these Reeses Eggs are gone ....more