Easy Peasy DIY Car Seat Canopy Tutorial

So, the hubster and I finally nailed down our travel system choice. (We went with the Evenflo FlexLite System in Santa Fe Sunset by the way and we're stoked with it so far!) I personally think the fabric design is kinda awesome on this stroller and car seat—brown and yellow faded chevron stripes—very light, neutral and contemporary! So when I came across the cotton material that I used to make our car seat canopy in Joann's Fabric, I just splurged and went for it! ...more
Should I sew a square in the center of the cover so that the 2 materials don't separate?more

The Other Shade of Blue: Postpartum Anxiety and I

Let me start by saying that it’s taken 9 weeks and a dash of humility for me to finally put pen to paper about this subject. Yet what’s the point of running a blog if you’re not going to dive into and dissect the more difficult challenges that confront you in life? So here we go…...more

Yard Sale Super Mom! A lesson in etiquette...

Yesterday was one of those rare days when my husband is in such a loving mood, that he peacefully (even willingly) escorted me on a morning of yard sale bargain hunting. This is not a common occurrence people and I'm not sure what I did right (or what I owe him now) but he came right along and his company made my day. After all, don't we all hope for a partner who will willing coo over baby items and (feign) excitement over the dollars being saved by a spot of haggling? Indeed....more

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Pregnancy: Learning to Cope

Anyone who's ever felt that 'run down' feeling, had that cold that they just couldn't shake or experienced the nagging feeling that they're body is acting years beyond what it should be, has had a glimpse into what many Chronic Fatigue Sufferers cope with every single day....more

Placing Merit on Yourself Outside of Being a Mom & a Wife

What makes you feel truly beautiful? I don't just mean for that passing moment when your hair happens to actually obey your commands, or your makeup just happens to match on both eyes, but really aware of your worth? For me, I feel it most when I give myself permission to invest a little of my well sought after time, solely in my mind, body and spirit, without guilt or consequence. It could be as simple as painting my nails, reading a book or article I've had my eye on for a while, or connecting with those around me to discuss the issues that really fire me up. ...more

Maternity Facts & Stats: Tips for finding your perfect birth facility

As I plod along this prenatal journey of mine, I've recently starting paying more and more attention to the typical ways of the US maternity system. While so far I've admittedly lucked out with my care providers (although the politics of the bigwigs has indeed affected my birth plan in a most direct way), it's not without great pains and thorough research that I came across the facility and team that I've chosen to pursue my care with....more

The Hidden Costs of Pregnancy: Tips for staying in control of US maternity care

Here in the US, having a baby is big business. I've spent most of my years in the UK so my medical system experience was somewhat limited to the NHS (National Health Service), a country wide service which guarantees free care for all, standard pricing for all medications and which automatically assigns you to a doctor/midwife when baby making time rolls around....more

Make-Do and Mend: Burp Cloths from Scraps

As the nesting urge has come upon me, I've frequently found myself delving through the far corners of old forgotten cupboards, attempting to make space for all the new baby-shaped items that will be entering our home very soon....more

A rapidly decreasing wardrobe, and a quickly expanding waistline...

It's a wonder I managed to leave the house at all this morning. Due to a barrage of wonderful pregnancy symptoms (bloating, GI issues, water retention) all perfectly aligning, my body appeared to have temporarily swelled to far beyond it's normal size. Seriously, from my toes, to my knees, to my upper arms, I swear everything I owned (including the outfit I had donned just yesterday - erm, hello?) were in coalition with their refusal to zip up, button or generally fit me in a way that could be socially acceptable to leave the house in.Well, bugger....more