Fall Bath & Body Works Candle GIVEAWAY!

To me...because I live in the south and it stays hot here even when its fall other places...nothing says FALL like a wonderfully scented fall candle. ...more

Birthday Weekend With My BIG, FAT FAMILY!

This past weekend was my oldest son, Justin's, birthday. ...more

Fall Temperatures and the Johnny Appleseed Festival

Saturday was a rainy day here in Cleveland as we watched the temperatures outside drop to fall-like weather. ...more

Enjoying Nature While in Cleveland

If you've never visited the Cleveland area I'm sure you're thinking: ...more

Taking a Break in Cleveland

Yesterday I got up at 3:55...Yes, you heard me right...3:55 in the morning to fly out to Cleveland for 10 days. ...more

A Name For "Number 6" and a Sneak Peek Into His Nursery

"Number 6" is due to arrive on October 29 and FINALLY we have a name: ...more

The WINNER of the Back-To-School YETI GIVE-AWAY Announced!

Thanks to all who entered and I'm sorry I'm a little late posting the WINNER of the Back-To-School YETI GIVE-AWAY so without waiting another minute...The WINNER is: LORI KEES! ...more

My Sunday Afternoon Surprise...

After all the busyness of the weekend and the somewhat of a crappy week that I had experienced (Yes...I have crappy weeks; trust me.), and after everyone had packed up and left Hubby and I alone, ...more

A Birthday Weekend: Parker Ann Turns 5!

It was quite a busy weekend, ...more