Our BIG, FAT FAMILY Keeps Getting BIGGER and FATTER!!!

Apparently babies come in TWOs around here....more

A 4th Birthday Swimming Party!

This past week was one of those weeks that well...let's say it wasn't one of my better ones....more

Paleo Cooking: Easy and Delicious (Recipes Included)

When I talk about eating Paleo, I try to emphasize how easy it has been for me to adapt....more

She Taught Me How To Be A YaYa

How can it be possible that my first little grandchild, Parker Ann started Pre-K4 last week?...more

Eat GOOD Food: Eat MORE, Not Less

"Eat MORE, Not Less"....more

Dreaming of Paris...

I will be "Dreaming of Paris" until we take our trip there next year....more

My Favorite Things: The Scent of LEMONS

I'm not sure what first attracted me to the scent of lemons....more

Eat GOOD Food: Because Nutrition Matters

"Eat GOOD Food:...more

Books I Am Reading Or Have Read: "The Map of True Places"

Someone recommended that I read "The Map of True Place" written by Brunonia Barry....more

Join Me On ANOTHER Canning Adventure: Creole Tomato Jam

Well, the tomatoes are finally winding down to only a few left in our garden....more