Saturday morning found 19 of us...Yes, you heard me right; 19...driving to the beach for Our Big FAT FAMILY VACATION. ...more

Another Great Summer Read: "The Husband's Secret"

If I have found a new favorite author this summer, it is Liane Moriarty. ...more

Saturday Morning Piano Lessons and a Cup of Hot Tea...

I cannot remember a time when I did not want to play the piano....more

Another Great Summer Read: "What She Knew"

I have been doing a lot of reading on these hot, lazy days here in the south. ...more

Sounds That Go CHIRP in the Night

We live in the country and there are sounds out here most likely not familiar to those of you who live in the city. ...more

The Lost Art of Playing

When my kids were little they played. ...more

Raw Truth

When people disappoint you...and you know that they do and inevitably will...what do you do? ...more

Boat Rides, Babies and Backyard Fun

Hubby and I had exactly one evening together before our BIG FAT SOUTHERN FAMILY began to descend upon us. ...more

Lake-Housing It

I had only gotten back from Ohio the evening before when the next day found me packing a few things to head to our lake house for the 4th of July weekend. Only 45 minutes away, Hubby and I had not been there for a stay in about a year. I know...ridiculous, huh? ...more

Summer Reading Continued: "What Alice Forgot"

As I continue with my summer reading list, I have a new book and author to recommend. ...more