The Four Rump Roasts of the Apocalypse

It seems every where I turn someone else is talking about food. I once thought myself alone in my singular obsession. I grew up on the fringe of the middle class. I won't say we were poor, because I could always name at least 5-10 families in our small town who had less. Food was never in short supply nor was it in abundance. We ate, we never went hungry. I am the child of a single mother who watched from early on how my mother had to make some very hard choices when it cames to how the food budget was going to go....more

Not Today

Most days are too busy. Filled with the everyday trappings of being a wife and a mother. Most days my heart and my mind are occupied with the husband and three little boys that make up my whole world.Not today. Never today. Today always starts and ends with tears. Today I am forced to think of all the things I am not doing. Today I will not wake my child with happy birthday. I will not tuck a note in a lunch box. I'll not be sending a favorite cupcake flavor to school to be shared with classmates. I won't be making a favorite dinner tonight. I've no birthday party to plan....more