Giving My Dogs A Reason To Eat Me While I Sleep

Lu, the Australian Cattle Dog, has my happiness at the center of her heart.  This dog works overtime trying to make me laugh.   Sasha, the Rottweiler. Not so much....more

Getting Wild Down On the Farm


Phase Out- Take A Break!!

  I’m a quirky person.    I’ve tried to advertise my quirks as being part of my charm, even if they’re annoying. It’s all a part of me. However, I’m trying to get a leash on some of my quirks. The one that apparently makes me look mean and come off like a bitch is one of them.  Or is that two?...more

October Is Down Syndrome Awareness Month- Let's Talk About Acceptance

  Dominic Adam ...more

Tuesday Afternoon.. Reflections of A Mother With A Special Needs Child

On Tuesday of this week, I got a frantic text from a friend who is currently about 17 weeks pregnant.   She tells me that she knows I am at work and probably busy but she needs to talk to me as soon as possible.  I call her back right away.  She’s crying....more
MommyKerrieThat's exactly how I feel!!!more

Are We Getting Dumber?

Are We Getting Dumber?Do what?...more

Pull Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps and Go On

 Pull Up Your Boots Straps and Go On ...more