Patterson farm

Patterson Farm: Located north of Charlotte, it is a great place for strawberry picking and pumpkin patch. We went last year and got LOTS of strawberry. I loved it because farm is in quiet and beautiful place - we picked strawberries for an hour maybe, and then we went to the store to look around and get some fresh groceries. It did have a good variety of produce and excellent quality!! You can also get plants and flowers.  ...more

Things to do with kids

I started to get out and do more things with my daughter. She is finally at the age when we can go hiking, rock mining or campling  together.  I do struggle with finding good places though and there is not much of  information available on internet. It is all scattered or very commercialized. So, here I would like to invite everybody to look at the places I went to and read my comments:)   ...more

Are you familar with Sheila's Family ...more