Don't borrow trouble

 I don't remember too many Bible verses from my church school days (horrible, because those days really numbered in years). But one that has always stuck with me is Matthew 6:34, "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."...more

Childhood dreams

We made them crowd into the shed, sweltering in the Sacramento summer. It was our "classroom." And by golly, we had signed binder paper permission slips from their parents which meant that even if we had to chase them, our siblings would comply. For awhile anyway.Getting them to do their homework was another story entirely.Welcome to my childhood dream....more

It's not Easter without lamb cake

 "Old fashioned lamb cake......more

Fly Girl in Training: Finding my feet in the Decathlon

 We were at 3,000 feet practicing steep turns, stalls, and slow flight, me knocking six months of rust off when I remarked about my lazy feet: "I need to get back in a taildragger soon!" The comment referred to my insufficient use of rudder in the Cessna 182....more

The color and texture of spring

 Although I'm feeling trepidation at another painful drought year, I'm relishing the color and texture of early spring in Sacramento....more

80s Easter awesomeness

 It used to be frilly lace, hats, and gloves, combing the church lawn for chocolate eggs in pastel foil, baskets bursting with plastic neon grass. This year, Easter will be burgers and burnt hot dogs (just the way I like them), with the next generation hunting for treats, tryi...more

The April Fool's joke that won't quit

 I keep thinking it will go away long enough that I can forget what it was like to plummet out of the sky. But no....more

Coming to terms with my seasonal selves

 Showed up at the airport for the first time since the beginning of the year, and understandably received exclamations of "Where have you been?!" "Haven't seen you in awhile!" "You been busy?" from friends at our first potluck of the season....more

Finding flow in collaboration

 We started after breakfast, me unpacking colored paper, a pad of poster-sized pages, and a collection of happy office supplies (highlighters, markers, gel pens, post-its, tabbies, and eraser tape, for those who like that sort of thing, like me).On sheets of pink, green, purple and blue, I scribbled out our rough plot lines and separately, lists of characters....more

Becoming a crazy bird lady

The sun is shining on a chilly spring day. A breeze cuts through tall grasses as 15-year-old me tromps through the wetlands on a school field trip. I am utterly miserable. We're searching for birds--the kind our sophomore biology teacher is requiring us to identify, categorize, memorize. And I just don't care....more