Gearing up for a new business venture: alice & frankies

One of our wonderful contributors is starting a new business.  It's called alice & frankies and they will sell chic women's accessories.  The accessories will be fabulous and affordable.  We love to see women reaching out for their passion.  We hear that the grand opening discounts are going to be off the radar.  We can't wait!...more

Theres always time for lipstick

My annual holiday party is tomorrow.  And thank God I am ready.  Bring it!  I started decorating right after thanksgiving.  I cleaned the kitchen a couple of days ago and have just been on super clean up duty behind myself for the past couple of days.  My roommate has been doing the same.  It feels good not to really have anything to do.  I mean, I woke up this morning and vacuumed my bedroom and scrubbed my bathroom.  But the hou...more

Coffee Quest for the Non-Coffee Lover

One of the things that made us start this blog is to share the random conversations and emails that we exchange everyday.  Yes, we exchange emails while we should be working.  You mean you don't?  This is a random email between me and 2 of our guest writers, Kendell and Brown Suga.  So Kendell doesn't like coffee.  Not one bit.  She doesn't understand me and Sugas love for it.  Yeah I ...more

Power and Beauty Book Review and Giveaway

I received a copy of Power and Beauty co-written by hip hop star T.I a...more

Is it acting or is it real?

Ok, I have to admit, I probably watch a little too much tv.  I mean between True Blood, The Closer, Rescue Me, Locked up Abroad and others, my dvr stays full.Biography is one of my favorite channels.  I woke up one morning and Celebrity ghost stories was on.  Yes I sleep with the tv on.  It's probably why I dream so much.  Anyway, our good friend Bubba Gump, otherwise known as Mykelti Williamson was on sharing his story.  It's a little under 1...more

I <3 Thrifting

I am going to be sooo busy on Saturday.  My first activity will be joining my local Thrifting Chapter during the national "I <3 Thrifting Party."  You know I never miss a good party.  It's the brainchild of Mr....more

A Question of Loyalties

 Ok, I have a dilemma that i've been discussing.  So let's say you and your friend are single.  You go to the same gym and a fine piece of fineness al...more

Is It You or Is It Me

 photo courtesy of coworker and I have been having a friendly debate about a situation that has arisen about her and another co-worker.  There's a guy who works in our building, let's call him Paul*.  We'll call her Wend...more

Can a woman be nice to a guy without the worry he will misconstrue it?? I hate the nagging worry ...more

Baby Without Marriage?

I had a great time with friends this past weekend. One of them asked me an interesting question: If you don’t get married by a particular age, would you consider having children without a husband? I have to admit, the thought has crossed my mind, but I’d never sat down and really thought about it. I’d never really imagined my life without kids. I guess I’d never really imagined it without a husband either, but I’d given children more of a consideration. But man, what would I do? Adoption, IVF, a good night with a good friend or ex, what? And at what age is my “out-of-wedlock” age? I’ll be 35 this year....more
@May Baby Hi! You may find some useful information on my blog: ...more

Ok i did it


I hear you. It's like you know that they are harmless..but you have this thing in the back of ...more