Family Fall Bucket List

Happy Labor Day!  Today is the unofficial start of the fall season.  Pumpkins and autumn leaves will soon surround us.  Now is a great time to start brainstorming ideas to do with your family as the weather gets cooler and the leaves start to change.  Halloween and Thanksgiving will be here before we know it and that means there are plenty of family-friendly activities to enjoy! ...more

Back to School Questions to Ask Your Child's Teacher

We moved over the summer which meant our son had to switch to a new school.  A move to  a new home and new school at the same time can be a tough transition for anyone, particularly young children.  We wanted to make sure he was as prepared as possible for back to school since everything was going to be completely new to him and one of the ways we knew we could all be better prepared was by asking questions during the school orientation....more

Tips to Ease Back to School Jitters

It's time for back to school for many students!  Does your child have any concerns or fears about returning or starting school?  It is normal, of course, if he does.  Our son had plenty of jitters for going back to school especially since he was not returning to his previous school because we moved.  We helped him ease his anxiety by discussing it with him and finding ways to help him be more excited rather than nervous....more

Personalized Children's Gifts: Book Review and Giveaway

School will be returning soon for many students and often, children can be anxious and nervous about that first day.  My little girl is of preschool age and although she is excited about school, she has her doubts!  That is why I am grateful for books that can help ease her school jitters like I See Me! books.  These are sweet, personalized books created for children to make each child feel special....more

Threenager: Tips for Living with One

Terrible two's have come and gone.  Now, the threenage years are upon us.  You know, it's that year when your child is still a toddler but skipping ahead to be a teenager!  Our daughter is a fun, adorable little girl but she will have her moments when we have to stop and remember that she is only three!  She often has the walk and talk of a teen but we know it is because she is developing more independence. ...more

Maven Women's Healthcare App

Do you use mobile apps to order food from a restaurant, to pay for your Starbucks or to keep track of how many calories you consumed for the day?  Whether you do or don't, there is no denying that in today's world, mobile apps can offer convenience and can be an extra hand to help you out in multiple ways.  Now, there are also mobile apps to conveniently speak with a health care professional when physically visiting the doctor's office can be inconvenient.  Mobile apps like Maven is an excellent way to get answers you need by medical professionals when you do not necessarily ...more

Summer Lovin' Date Ideas

These long summer days coupled with the warm summer weather makes it the perfect setting for romantic dates with that special someone.  You can create a special atmosphere indoors or outdoors without having to do much planning or spend a fortune.  The important part is connecting and sharing some quality time while enjoying these long summer days and nights!...more

Red, White and Blue 4th of July Cake

Red, white and blue colors are about to shine bright in a couple days with the celebration of Independence Day this coming weekend!  Whether you are having a barbecue, spending time at the beach or enjoying the fireworks, having a patriotic dessert is a great way to celebrate the occasion.  Try out this easy but colorful cake recipe to make for 4th of July....more

Ways to Connect with Kids Through #SummertimePlay

Summer officially began yesterday but my kids have been on summer break for two weeks.  One of our favorite summer activities is visiting the local playground and parks.  There are many proven benefits to free play and playing on the playground outdoors.  I love that my kids and I can connect while we are outside.  Here are a variety of ways you can connect with your kids while enjoying free play outdoors on the playground, too!...more

Setting Up Your House to Tackle Potty Training

Do you have a child who will be ready to potty train soon or know someone who does?  If so, here are some helpful tips that can make it easier to get through this process.  One of the important tasks when it comes to potty training is to set up your house to make it ready for the transition from diapers to using the toilet. ...more