Stepping Out of the Fog: Life Advice

As a job seeker for the past two and a half months, many realizations have surfaced about the working world. Some of them because I am looking at my past life as an employed individual in a hazy fog of "I actually lived that life?', others because I am looking at my future with A LOT more clarity. To that end, I am here to give some life advice:...more

Little Bits of Me

 Sometimes I want to jump off couchesOr throw food at people who are not nice to meBut that’s crazyBut these are the little bits of me ...more

Never Be Afraid

“As you know….” “Because of this we regret to inform you…”“Your position has been eliminated.”Those “…” are actually the moments I stopped listening because my heart had become a dull thud.“As you know THUTHUNK, THUTHUNK, THUTHUNK. Because of this we regret to inform you THUTHUNK, THUTHUNK, THUTHUNK. Your position has been eliminated.”That was exactly a week ago. The blur of the hours that followed, now in retrospect are not really a blur and reveal that even in that moment of this sucks, I won’t have a job in four weeks. I was going to be fine....more