BlogHer '08 - was it filmed?

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend BlogHer '08 :-( However like last year, I tried to attend via Second Life, though thanks to computer problems and network issues, this year was very difficult. Was BlogHer '08 filmed? In other words, was there a camera rolling for each speaker/event and if so, can that be posted to YouTube or some other video site so that those of us who weren't able to physically get to the conference, can see it? Thanks! -Bob ...more

Thanks Denise. I've seen some of these already, typically they're short snippets and hard to ...more

iPhone 3G - lines still strong

The lines for the iPhone 3G at the Apple Store here in Santa Rosa continue to be strong nearly one week after launch. It's 1:30PM and I estimate the line at around fifty people waiting their turn - wow! -Bob ...more

Will you be buying the new iPhone?

With the highly anticipated announcement of a 3G iPhone just three days from now, I'm curious how many current iPhone owners are planning to buy the new model (and what your plans are for the 'old' one -- put it on eBay? give it to a family member or friend?). At this point, I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy since I use my iPhone a lot! Anything to make it faster would be welcome. You? -Bob ...more

Hi Elisa,
I'm home now and so far with my new 3G, it doesn't look too much better on the phone ...more

Ubuntu anyone? :-)

I've just successfully got going using Ubuntu on an old PC that was given to me a few weeks ago. Because the OS was a non-validating version of XP, I decided to try Ubuntu. I downloaded and installed Ubuntu, bought a WiFi card off of eBay and then set about to see if I could make it a WiFi machine. After many, MANY hours of failed attempts, this morning it works! If you're interested, here's the back and forth on the Ubuntu forum for how we set it up: -Bob ...more

The connection has timed out...

The connection has timed out The server at is taking too long to respond. // Anybody else having problems? Thanks, -Bob ...more

BlogHer on Wikipedia - anybody maintaining this??

Of late I've been interested in Wikis (thanks Virginia!) . So what's happening with the Wiki for BlogHer? Thanks, -Bob ...more

Are you a BlogHer Contributing Editor?

If so, can you please check that I've got your name included and spelled right in the following Yahoo! Pipes link? Many thanks in advance, -Bob email: ...more

Finding a member's profile?

As I learned again yesterday (, clicking on the link next to a member's thumbnail does NOT take me to the profile page that I expect to be there - i.e., the one with a contact link! Instead it takes me to the new 'read only' haystack page which in all honesty, is not particularly helpful (what's_with_all_the_underscores??) or useful (where are the hyperlinks?) - difficult to grasp why, especially considering the ever expanding social network aspect of BlogHer. -Bob ...more

> I think I've addressed all of these issues with you in the forums.

Sorry Denise, I don't ...more

Spam link for posts?

I know there's a "report as spam" link for comments - is there one for posts? Thanks, -Bob ...more

Because we have never needed it in the past, we do not have a report blog post spam link on blog ...more

RSS feed for comments - context??

Any idea when/if there's going to be context added to the RSS feed for comments? Thanks, -Bob ...more