Suspended String-Work Snowflake Cookie

String-work is becoming another favorite cake decorating technique, and to apply the method to a cookie.I have created Australian bridgeless extensions on cakes, I wanted to push the envelope not only using a cookie for the suspended  string-work,but using a difficult shape. It took a few times before I was satisfied....more

Elevate Your Holiday Cakes with Australian Bridgeless Extensions

It is that time of year (YEAH), time to up your game and elevate your cake and cookie decorating. Australian bridgeless extensions will take your cake to breathe-taking awe-inspiring level.Family and friends will be amazed when you show case your delicate extension work, and wonder how you accomplished the design.The bridgeless royal icing extensions appears to be suspended from the cake floating in air....more

Adorable Christmas Cupcakes

You won’t believe how entertaining and easy to create these adorable cupcakes.The embellishments have endless possibilities, start by sketching your cupcake on paper.I promise your creative side will take over. I had more embellishments than spiraled Christmas tree cupcakes.No worries I carefully..Enjoy the video» ...more

Christmas Cookies with Wet on Wet Piping

Between cooking and baking since Monday for yesterday’s Thanksgiving, and Black Friday shopping it is nice to know you can design an elegant Christmas cookie in 9 minutes. Wet on wet piping is using the same royal icing consistency throughout the design (with the exception of the border).The break down to the cookies above:...more

Delicate Oriental String-Work

A cake piped with Oriental string-work gives wow-factor.The method of beautiful Oriental string-work  involves piping a series of overlapping loops around the side of a cake to make intricate woven designs....more

Festive Scenery Piped on a Sugar Cookie

 One of my favorite Christmas traditions is placing candles in the windows of our home. I wanted to recreate the mood and excitement of the Christmas season on a sugar cookie. The cookies above are a great way to practice basic pressure piping skills, scrolls, lines,bead work, and a little brush embroidery.You will be practicing the three essentials for royal icing decorating, icing consistency, correct bag positions, and......more

How to Sculpt Santa Claus Cupcakes

Christmas time seems to bring out my inner child. I remember waiting for Santa Claus is Coming To Townto  air every year (this was prior to VHS and DVDs). I could not wait to see Fred Astaire (he happens to be in another favorite Christmas movie, Holiday Inn) narrate the show as a mailman. The cupcakes above are inspired by both..Enjoy the video »...more

Filigree Inspired Colorado Christmas Cake

I normally wait until after Thanksgiving to start Christmas decorating, however royal icing decorations may be stored in an airtight container indefinitely. I wanted to give you time to create your royal icing trees. The cake (I chose a … Enjoy the video: »...more

Bas Relief Sculpture Cookie

Bas-relief is a form of 3-dimensional modeling in which less than half of the true depth of the object projects from the background. It is widely used as a surface decoration in pottery, woodcarving and sculpture. As with several cake decorating methods bas relief sculptures have inspired cake decorators to use the ancient technique to create works of edible art. ...more

Adorable Bewitched Inspired Sugar Cookie

This Halloween I have created a “Bewitched” inspired sugar cookie. I have been a fan of Elizabeth Montgomery since I was quite young. Bewitched aired in 1964, prior to my birth, however WGN Chicago showed reruns every afternoon. I would arrive home from school excitedly watch two episodes,  pretend I could twitch my nose, and magically all my problems would be solved. Although I would... ...more