Gratitude for "What Is"

 Tis the season. The holiday season from Thanksgiving through New Year’s is a time when we all examine our lives, celebrating some parts and lamenting others. We engage in some endeavor to make action plans to change things in the new year. Sometimes, we want to change things, but can’t figure out exactly what steps to take to be successful....more

Aim to Inspire

“Perfection can’t be achieved..even beautiful people feel that they ‘lack’ in some way.” ...more

Overcoming "Not Enough"

Brenda Parent // The Body Image Project // Review from Body Image Project on Vimeo.  “The words that play over and over in my head are ‘not enough’.” How do we overcome? The scar from a c-section, cellulite, stretch marks…everyone has something about their body that they feel is less than “ideal”.  Some may view these as badges of honor, earned from life’s challenging events, like the birth of a child. Others see them as unforgivable flaws in their appearance.  Our attitudes about imperfection can shape our daily and long-term quality of life.  So- what do we do?...more

Retouching Our Perspective

Retouching Our Perspective It’s time to retouch our perspective on what is healthy and beautiful. Within the last few weeks, stories have surfaced that present a major issue in our perceptual framework of our body image…the retouching of pictures in media. However, it’s not just retouching of pictures, but also video and other forms of media....more