The "Talkers" and the "Doers": Living Your Dreams

There are cat people and dog people. There are truck people and car people. There are city folk and country folk. There are wine drinkers and beer drinkers. The list goes on and on. Chances are you’ve already put yourself in one of the categories. Me? Well, I’m a wine drinking, car driving, dog loving country folk (ok...I'm on the fence in regards to city or country!)....more
fledged  I really like your perspective! I do think the "midlife" is that mix of ...more

Not Quite Pinterest-Worthy: Halloween Costume Memories

Autumn is no doubt one of the best times of year. There are crafts with the kids, making leaf piles and jumping in, corn mazes, carving pumpkins, and hot apple cider with cinnamon sticks. Then there’s the making fun goodies for the class fall parties and the hunt for costumes for that deliciously fun holiday, Halloween. All of my such wonderful memories are very well preserved and documented in scrapbooks that are now gathering dust. ...more
Nice costumes. It looks like you are really creative.  When I was young my aunt maid me a gypsy ...more

The Homecoming: What to Expect When Your College Student Comes Home for a Visit

Fresh sheets and fluffed up pillows were placed on the bed.  The vacuuming and dusting was completed.  Halloween and fall décor was placed throughout the house.  Cookies were baked and shelves stocked with some favorite food items.   My schedule was freed up for the next couple of days.  Sounds like some special company was coming for the weekend?  Well, yes, sort of…it was my daughter’s first visit home since leaving for college and I was hyped....more

The Lure of Chocolate-What is the Attraction?

I think I’m pretty easy going when it comes to my chocolate.  I like it dark; very dark (my favorite); milk; white; with nuts; with fruit; cream filled…well, you get the picture.  But what is it that attracts me (or anyone) to the chocolate or pastry?  Is it the brightly colored packaging with the beautiful bows or the intricate dusted designs on the tops of glossy chocolates?...more

My French Weight Loss Experiment Gone Awry

So here was my theory:  eat, drink and walk everywhere like the French do and start looking like the French.  You know the look.  Long thin arms with a delicate bra strap exposed that somehow just looks so sexy; gangly legs looking so perfect in colored skinny jeans; dresses that seem to just lightly drape on their bodies and hair swept up so effortlessly and little makeup that adds such a touch of chic.  Sigh.  ...more
Amazing! I loved reading this. I am living through you now. Your days sound heavenly. Soak it ...more

Missing the Nest-Defining Homesick

It’s been over two weeks since we’ve left home for our trip-two absolutely wonderful weeks that have fulfilled me in ways that I didn’t even expect.  There have been incredible sights, delicious food, uninterrupted time with my husband and even late mornings of sleeping in.  Then why do I have that familiar pit in my stomach?  That same feeling when I went to Girl Scout camp, when I moved away to college and then again when I moved 1200 miles away from my home after I first got married.  That feeling I know so well.  Homesickness.  ...more

Dinner with a Warm and Welcoming French Family

Last night we had the honor of being guests for dinner in my husband’s friends’ home in the South of France.  Simply delightful.   I was politely introduced to three generations of family and was warmly welcomed with many bises-kisses....more