Epsom Salts Bath Bombs

Epsom Salts: perfect for those of us who suffer from skin conditions or get a bit creaky with arthritis when the weather turns cold - or,  heaven forbid, cold and damp. But have you ever felt that these super-good-for-you bath salts were just a little bit boring?...more

Clementine and cardamon marmalade


Boozy Bejeweled Christmas Cake Recipe

Now is a really good time to get cracking with the Christmas cakes. Just like us ladies, they really do improve with age! Check out my super easy recipe for the perfect light, modern Christmas cake, decorated with glacé fruits and roasted nuts to look like a bejeweled masterpiece. It's all so quick and easy to make ...  I promise! ...more

The Lonely Grave of Rosa Bevan

It's Halloween ... . Do you want to hear a spooky story?This one's a weird tale, and, if I live to be a hundred, I don't think I’ll ever be able to come up with a rational explanation for what took place that day.It had been a bitterly cold October. Normally in London, we enjoy soft, gentle autumns with just a hint of summer lingering on into November. But that year winter had come early....more

Dracula ... the perfect read for Halloween

Written back in 1897, but still as masterpiece in suspense, Dracula is the perfect late-night spooky read for Halloween.    ...more

Little boy's hat and scarf set: perfect for trick or treating in

Check out this perfect little boys' scarf and hat combo. Knit with chunky yarn to a super easy peasy pattern, you'll easily be able to make them over a wet weekend.The hat is knit in the round using circular needles or double-pointed needles (as you prefer), and the scarf ... well it's about as easy as falling off a log. ...more

Super easy, peasy little boy's scarf

Now that the nights are drawing in, and there's a nip in the air, knit this wonderfully cosy scarf for your favourite little man. It's super easy, and would make a perfect weekend project. Click here to access the free patern: http://www.justsaying2u.com/2014/10/how-to-knit-scarf-for-little-boy.html...more

Highgate Cemetery and the high funeral art of the Victorians

Come and take a trip with me through the most amazing necropolis of them all, a city of the dead in the middle of modern London that the twenty first century has forgotten about. See the high art of Victorian funeral architecture displayed to its fullest effect as the undergrowth encroaches on the tombs and the shadows cast an other-worldly gloom over all who pass by....more

The ancient church of Saint Alfege, Greenwich

Come and visit the ancient Church of Saint Alfege founded in Greenwich in the eleventh century on the site of his brutal martyrdom by the marauding Vikings. Now on the pilgrims' route from Southwark to Canterbury, this ancient church is where King Henry VIII was brought as a babe in arms within a few days of his birth to be baptised back in 1491....more

Christmas Chutney

 Now's the time to get making a special chutney for Christmas.  A good chutney needs to rest and mature for at least a couple of months before it's at its best....more