How to Photograph a Conference

In an interesting turn of events, my professional photography career has led me beyond the field of pretty pictures of food and down the path of events and conferences. I'm not complaining. It may be hard work, but it represents, to me, a chance to apply my photography skills to another field and to capture the dynamism of life in a conference setting. On the surface, conference photography has a rather mundane and unglamorous quality about it. And, to a large extent, it is....more
Thanks, I'm photographing a local conference this weekend and these tips will surely help. ...more

Grown-up Chocolate Hazelnut Spread (Nutella)

As I typed the title of this post, it struck me that it could just as well be called “The Season (for) Forgiving” and would be equally apt, considering the usual stresses/regrets/insecurities/excesses that accompany this time of year. But that’s a negative way of looking at things, and who needs Negativity in the week leading up to Christmas?...more

English Muffins & Eggs Benedict


Risotto with Peas and Prawns

Dear Peas,...more

Walnut, Lemon & Cardamom Cake Recipe


Spiced Pumpkin & Lentil Salad Recipe

Six Thoughts On BlogHer Food 2009

You would have read, or heard, by now, about the major tidbits from BlogHer’s very first food blogging conference in San Francisco at the end of September....more