Forget The Jigsaw Puzzle. I'm In Love.

The way I am feeling at the moment does not translate well into writing. Not because it’s not interesting or in fact, a HUGE deal, but because I can’t allow myself to think about it too much. Not long enough to write a coherent paragraph anyway.You see, I feel fine....more

#tickgate In Conclusion

Over the last few days, myself and Mammasaurus have locked ourselves into a dark, windowless room to research #tickgate. Ok, not really, but we have  had a little poke around and we have come across a few interesting things.Firstly, we are both agreed that one of the most important thing to come from this is our desire for it not to happen to anyone else. But it has also thrown up other important issues that we feel need covering. You can read Mamasaurus post here....more

Stop. I Want To Get Off

It has been a week now since I started taking my new medication after my appointment with the mystery new doctor. In fact, it has been a rather boring week as weeks go. No dramas....more

A Tick On The Head Of Blogging

I have been blogging for a very short time, only five months, and I have spoken before about the brilliant community that it has opened up to me.In the last five months through my blog and through Twitter I have connected with a lot of people that I am extremely glad to have ‘met’. The support, encouragement, ideas, chats and laughs are all things that I never, ever expected to gain from just posting my thoughts and feelings every now and again....more


The Hardest Lesson Was All For Nothing

Last night as I gave Boo her bedtime bottle I found myself staring into her eyes. She has such gorgeous big, dark eyes and more and more I find myself getting lost in them. As I looked at her, lost in the moment with a lazy smile playing at my lips, I realised that she wasn’t drinking anymore. She was smiling back at me. For about five minutes we sat in the chair in the corner of her room, nestled cosily together, both of us sleepy and soporific in the moment.That’s being a mummy isn’t it?...more