Local Vigilantes Stalk and Harass Sex Workers, Call Themselves "The Ho Patrol"

These women reference the recession and the resultant budget cuts as the reason why their local police force has been cut, but they utterly fail to recognize that the woman they’re so intent on persecuting are suffering from the recession as well.Desperate times call for desperate measures–and when millions are unable to find jobs–sex work is one thing many women turn to, to provide for themselves and their families....more

Epilepsy and Disability Rights

Nine months ago, I decided to come out to the blogging world as an epileptic. Since then, I have written a great deal about epilepsy. It's been a journey--I never would have imagined when I began that I would end up sharing the things that I have: personal stories, many of which I kept from the people closest to me. But I felt that, by sharing these stories, that I would expose the ways in which our society, culture, and law discriminates and deliberately hurts those of us with neurological and physical disabilities. I wanted an outlet for my frustration....more

Get Your Activism On! Hold BP Responsible.

MoveOn.org is sponsoring a rally in Louisville, Kentucky this Thursday. The rally is to urge Congress to  make BP take responsibility for cleaning up the oil spill in the Gulf. Here are the details: The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history. It will take years and billions of dollars to repair the damage to the Gulf Coast’s ecosystems and fishing and tourism industries....more

Poetry Has Power

The poem being discussed is available here.  ...more